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If no SB, Is this Season considered a Bust!

If no SB, Is this Season considered a Bust!

Alright we are playoff bound. So do you guys feel the same way now.

Take 2 after the Cards game:)
We have to approach the Postseason ONE GAME AT A TIME. 49ers will bring the heat looking for that 6th Superbowl.
The way I look at it.. when you are one of the better teams in the league, you SHOULD consider a failed season (no SB victory) a busted season.

Now, the trick here is to match the word "bust" with everyone's exact definition. That is where things get muddled.
I wouldn't consider it a bust, just a huge disappointment. A bust to me are for teams who look like Superbowl-caliber teams. Last year for example, the one team I would consider a bust is Green Bay. I wouldn't say we had a Superbowl-caliber team last year but more of a Superbowl-caliber defense.

This year, I don't see any clear-cut favorites. After looking at a lot of the best teams out there, 49ers are definitely right there with them. Seattle, Green Bay, Patriots, Denver, Atlanta and San Francisco, I think, are the cream of the crop (although, the Vikings look like the hottest team going into the playoffs to me and we all know how dangerous those teams are).

So I'll be honest and say none of those teams I named looked Superbowl-caliber. For a minute, I thought Seattle looked like the team to beat but even I can see the Niners beating them.

So I still like our chances but if we don't make it, it won't be a bust to me. And of all the teams in the playoffs, the Niners are actually the only ones hard to figure out because Kap is still relatively new and with Justin back, these teams will try to find other ways to penetrate this defense.
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