Last season the 49ers had a defense that not only dominated teams in the run and pass game but scored a lot of points via turnovers. This year has been similar but with many more missed opportunities or lack there of. Our offense needs to get a bit more unpredictable headed forward which will be especially tough with the absence of Manningham and Williams. Frank gore needs to get involved in the backfield as a receiver along with James. The niners Defense will need to step up and make the key plays to keep possession on our side and limit the opponents scoring opportunities. For this to happen the niners need to be able to put together drives that keep the Defense off the field ( Limit 3 and outs) and able to rest a bit. One last thing is the Defense might try substituting LB Larry Grant in occasionally as well as some other Defensive players in the right formations. They need to be able to win without Justin Smith somehow and ill leave that up to the coaches if that is possible.