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Are Kyle And Kendall an Afterthought?

Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:
This is great. A new generation of Niners fans that don't appreciate an abundance of talent... Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James... oh and Anthony Dixon. Some how people on this forum are suggesting that Kendall Hunter is an after thought and should be let go/released/trades/cut/waived/etc.? Really? Thomas Clayton and Maurice Hicks on line 1 LOL next season we will have the most talented backfield in the league by far!

Hahaha I love it!! This!

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Originally posted by susweel:
who are those guys ?

after thought? Not at all. Both could be contributing greatly right now.
Originally posted by TlSSER:
Originally posted by susweel:
who are those guys ?

Those are the guys who got injured and lost there job's, THEY TOOK ARE JOBS! BACK TO THE PILE!!!
Wow that just some crazy talk...
You can never have enough talent, you dont throw away a solidly producing, low paid athelete because you have another use them both.
Yeah..I can hear the Alex calls already...but QB is different, you can only really have one of those, and they are seldom affordable in bunches unless your name is Gruden.
They both will be back, Hunter is just too good of a RB and KW is a good player also, plus we don't know what we have in AJ yet
Originally posted by cciowa:
they are both coming back. hunter especially. since moss may be gone and ginn will be gone, kyle comes back and helps us in the return department,

Hunter and James are a solid duo. Maybe Dixon can be a short yardage guy. If not, power backs are a dime a dozen if you just need a couple yards up the gut.
Kendall will be the Starter next year, while Gore will be the Closer and LMJ will be the change of pace. As for KW, he'll be back in the slot at best
They're both under contract and cheap. There's no reason we don't bring them back if they're healthy. Depth Depth Depth

They will both be back. Moss is old, and you cant have too much WR depth. Gore is getting older too, and I prefer keeping Hunter and drafting another position instead of RB.

Can you imagine Kyle burning it down the sidelines each play and Kap hitting him for 75 yard bombs?

The Pats have a lots of smaller, quick and fast players. I like having that on the 49ers.
I don't like the connotation that Harbaugh would use this opportunity to 'can' either one of them.

But I am concerned that neither will be as explosive as they were this season
BOTH Kyle Williams & Kendall Hunter will be on the roster next year

Hunter is getting to the point in his career, where other teams will start looking at him as their every down back once he is a free agent , Hunter and James will both combine to pick up the slack when Gore retires, we'll still have a strong backfield, unlike when Watters left , and Loville was suddenly our every down back

Kyle will be back , if he comes back healthy, I expect him and Kap to resume developing their chemistry, like the long pass against the bears when Kap hit Williams in stride

that is all...
If Hunter comes back strong he'll be a big part of the 49er offense. He's stronger than James, they both offer a similar skill set. Hunter at this stage seems more capable of the heavy lifting of a full time load. Williams has shown determination after the Championship game and he'll have another uphill battle to secure a roster spot. The wide receiver position will be a priority at draft time.
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