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My thought to why Harbaugh is brilliant w/ Alex Smith

I've been a member on here for quite some time now, dating back to my KBarlow32 days. I don't post here often, and I love reading what people have to say but just figured I would give my take on our QB situation. (I've always supported Alex Smith while he was the starter)

My view on the Kaepernick/Smith situation is this: Obviously Kaep brings way more to the offense, considering he threw for 4 TDs in a game, and that hasn't happened since Jeff Garcia. The guy brings another dimension to the offense with his legs and can stretch the field as well. This makes two games where Vernon missed a deep ball (vs Chicago on MNF) although I think Kaep will improve on dropping the ball in there better. There shouldn't be much discussion for Alex Smith to return - barring injury.

Speaking of Alex Smith, the coaches played this situation BRILLIANTLY. Think about how angry all of the media/reporters were, saying how Harbaugh should name the starter and stop leaving the QB with the feeling someone is looking over their shoulder. Harbaugh's response of "We've got two guys with a hot hand" indicates that both of these QB's have very high value to the team and can win games. So why is Harbaugh brilliant, you ask?

-Alex Smith has a top 5 QB Rating on the season and it will stay that way if he doesn't play another snap. His trade value is up just based on the numbers alone.
-His contract is very modest, as he is around the 20th highest paid QB.
-Harbaugh made it seem like it was so tough for him to put Kaepernick in over Alex, JUST to increase Alex Smith's trade value in the off-season. (Poker face mentality)

People complained that we didn't take enough "shots" down field when Alex was in. The reason we didn't is because that wasn't the best part of Alex's game, he had some limitations. Harbaugh came into town and knew what he had to work with, with Kaepernick learning the offense and being groomed behind the scenes. Then, he turned a QB that was almost out of the league, into a solid starter and something the 49ers can trade in this off-season for a 2nd-3rd round pick.

Example: Carson Palmer deal (although maybe not as many picks)

In Harbaugh, I TRUST.
i was thinking that too but based on alex having a great year last year as well and the lack of interest he got on the market i dunno if there will be lots of teams willing to trade anything for him.
Did Harbaugh also plan Smith's concussion? WTF is this thread?
Originally posted by Furlow:
Did Harbaugh also plan Smith's concussion? WTF is this thread?

yes he called the QB sneak. jk
The concussion was just luck. I would never wish injury on a person but it couldn't have come at a better time. The last full game smith put on tape was probably the best game he ever played. In a qb poor league i think harbaugh might get a kings ransom for smith!
I see where you are going with that, and its hard to disagree. I do wonder how much of this was planned. I don't think Harbs spent a 2nd round pick on Kaep for there not to be a plan. I mean, he moved up to get him. No shiat there was some type of plan in place. I don't think it was 100% planned down to Kaep starting that week. Kaep was probably going to take the reigns next year, but the CHI game showed JH/GR how much Kaep had improved and gave them the thought that by the time the playoffs roll around, this O could be scary good. Plus it's not like there is a ton of film on him. Sure DCs will find things here and there but they must have thought that Kaep would take those lumps and we could still win enough. No doubt it took BALLS to make that decision, becuase it risks our playoff seeding.

To Furlow:

Really? He didn't say anything about Smiths concussion being planned, and its clear at isnt what he meant. Plus, is only a matter of time before any player gets hurt. SMH

I remember hearing a draft analyst blowing up on Shannahans pick of two QBs. Obviously when one of them is a scrambler, its only a matter of time, so he had a plan. I wonder where that moron is now, considering how good that pick looks now (Kirk Cousins played great at a crucial time).
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Go Kaep
Furlow ---- I didn't even mention anything about predicting Smiths concussion. I just said Harbaugh handled the situation perfectly. Rather then naming him the starter right away (even though he knew all along he was going to start Kaep) he let the situation drag so it would keep Alex Smith at a high value heading into the off-season.
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mods merge this with the OFFICIAL Alex Smith Thread

do your dang non-profit volunteer work! make it snappy

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:

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The QB FA market and upcoming draft are so weak, I wouldn't be surprised if we had multiple trade partners interested.

Chiefs, Vikings, Jaguars, Jets could all be better times right now with Alex.

I predict a 3rd rounder with hope for a 2nd rounder.
id say a 2nd and a 4th
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:

Locking this. From now on, as stated in the respective mod notices in the Alex and Kaep threads, these things belong in their respective threads. Failure to do so will result in warnings to the possibility of being banned.
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