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Which SAFETY do you prefer long term w/ 49ers: Dashon Goldson or Donte Whitner

Which SAFETY do you prefer long term w/ 49ers: Dashon Goldson or Donte Whitner

This really isn't a question. I don't get why I see Goldson getting such a hard time on here, while Whitner doesn't seem to be criticized as much, just based off what I have seen reading through the forums. Whitner has been horrible in coverage and is a big reason we lost the Superbowl. Goldson meanwhile is a top 5 safety in the league IMO. I liked the signing of Whitner when we first got him because he was known as a hard hitter and has great athleticism. However, he has been very disappointing lately, constantly getting beat in coverage. Goldson is much better and it's really not close. Whitner needs to fight for his job this upcoming season.
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I like Goldson more, but Whitner is the SS and Goldson is the FS. Whitner's job is to hit first and support the run, Godlson is supposed to be the roaming safety that supports deep coverage. Having said that, I think Goldson should be the SS and we should add a FS with RANGE and ball skills.

I like what I hear about Bacari Rambo. Given his last name I am pretty sure he brings the wood too.
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He should have run over and shoved the ref before he could throw the flag!
Goldson by a mile.

If anyone voted Whitner after that Super Bowl I'd like a reasonable justification as to why.
Goldson is far better. It's not close. Bigger, more length, harder hitter, more of a ballhawk.
its not even close and I don't even have to say who
Whitner was good after the first 10 games? Really? What about NE, Seattle, playoffs & SB...he was awful! He's not worth keeping. As for Goldson, he pretty much disappeared vs Atlanta and the Ravens. Dude wants to be paid like the tops in the league...then, where was he when we needed him most to step up. Nowhere. I'd sign Jarius Byrd, a consistent playmaker, who should be a better bargain, as well. I'd also love to see Baalke sign Glover Quin, a former CB who's a very good SS now. With Byrd and Quin, now you've got 2 S's who are consistently ballin'. No disappearing acts. Both are still young, too.
They are two different players, Goldson a free safety, is cover guy and a ball hawk, so he makes splashier plays. Whintner is extra man in the box and generally kept away from pass coverage on the primary receiver, he gets caught in coverage against primary targets only when the other team designs a play well enough to force him into coverage. Goldson would breakdown physically if he had to play strong safety, and Whitner would get torched in coverage if he had to play Goldsons spot, they are both safties but have different skill sets and responsibilities. All that said, I think strong safety is easier to replace.
Agree WRT SS being easier to replace...which is exactly why I'd cut ties w/Whitner and sign Glover Quin. Quin migrated from CB to SS and has the cover skills and is a sure tackler. When we signed Whitner, some Bills fans said "buyer beware" and now I see why.
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