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POLL: Who is most likely to cost us a playoff game this season?

POLL: Who is most likely to cost us a playoff game this season?

Vote on the above. If 'Other', write who you think.
Akers without a doubt.

In order from most to least likely to screw it up.

1. Akers
2. Roman
3. Ginn
4. Kaepernick
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Akers without a doubt.

I was going to vote Akers, but it's actually better that he's screwing up now rather than in the playoffs. Now we know if we're in range for a 40-yard FG, we can't go conservative.
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I see Delanie f**king it up for us!
Honestly...we shouldn't really try a FG longer than 40-45 yards. If it's 4th and 2 (and under) - just go for it...and if it's more - just punt the fckin thing.
Delanie Walker because he's madly inconsistent.
Originally posted by ManoGrandeSinCorazon:

Best first post of all time.
My vote went to Akers. Dude can't seem to hit anything past 35 yards. Kinda scary. Hopefully our O keeps on puttin up 40 or so a game because If it comes down to a field goal, with the game on the line, I just don't trust him to make it.
Why the negativity after a playoff type win???

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:


I went with David Akers. It's a tricky question, though; IMO it would be Roman's conservative play calling which gets into the position where we have to kick a field goal in the first place. Over the last ten years (before Harbaugh) I've gotten used to us going conservative and being happy with just getting a FG, when in the glory days before that we used to expect to get TD's and reluctantly accept a FG even though it killed us inside not to get that TD. I am sick of FG's (like that part of dinner you hated to eat, but your parents made you eat it anyway), they are a necessary evil, not something we should shoot for, but something we tolerate even though it makes us puke when we have to go for one of them. Ideally you put a team away with TD's and don't have to worry about trying for a FG. Akers is hurt this year, otherwise we probably wouldn't be worrying so much about him as he's previously been automatic (in Phi and last year for us.) I dislike hating on the guy, because I know when he is right, he is an asset for the 49ers.