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Who is your favorite 49ers player that does not start?

Mine is a three way tie ....

I really Like Chris Culliver, he could start on ANY team in the NFL , he has a lot of upside left , and can run with the best of them

Daniel Kilgore is a blue collar lineman , he is a great reserve lineman, but I enjoy watching him as a wingback and crushing defenders as a blocker

Delanie Walker is a jack of all trades , we could use him as an H-Back, TE and FB , plus return kicks in a pinch if we needed him to, he is developing a little chemistry with Kaeperknick , but his blocking is a vital part of our running attack

what about you guys?
easy, Alex Smith.
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Originally posted by verb1der:
easy, Alex Smith.

haha you beat me to it.
either Alex smith or Anthony Dixon, love that dude
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Brandon Jacobs.

No love for Larry Grant?
Hands down, IMO, Culliver.

Agree w/you on Kilgore - I hope he keeps developing and starts next year although that may be a year too soon

Alex gets a nod. I hope we can trade him for a 3rd to KC.
It WAS Hunter, then KW. Now it's gotta be Culliver followed by LMJ. When LMJ is on the field, it's exciting.
clarification for your question--are we talking in times of a hot hand or times of a hot hand that has cooled dramatically?

id have to say boobie dixon cause i like boobies
Kendall hunter by a mile. When gore is gone he's going to be the anchor of the offense

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Culliver, Dixon & LMJ
Kunter and Culliver
Chris Culliver
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