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Aldon Smith is ready, ARE YOU?

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Where: New England

When : Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time: 5:20 PM
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Go Niners.
Either Get to Brady with Aldon or We're BBQ'ued 31-13
The key is generating pressure up the middle.

Soap and RJF should take the game off. Play with 4 d-lineman. Aldon and Ahmad on the edge, Justin and Ray in the interior.

Send Willis or Bowman on blitzes right through the A gap.

Brady is not mobile. He can sidestep a conventional pass-rush and step up in the pocket with ease. If you can get pressure in his face he becomes human.
Superstorm SmithBros
Why do YOU need to come up with ways to beat New England? Are you Jim Harbaugh?
Keep Brady on the bench = Win
Need to disrupt Brady. He is a different guy when he gets knocked around. I don't know who we have that can cover Welker. Luckily Gronk isn't playing.
hire someone to pull a tonya harding on Brady.
These "BBQ" threads are going to be a weekly thing now I guess.

Find non-Patriots loving versions of these guys to kidnap Brady for a few days?

Score more points than them.
food poisoning? haha no really the 49ers should be ok.
I didnt know you were the coach.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Superstorm SmithBros

Agree. I see a bunch of stunts along with Aldon and Ahmad rushing up the middle to get pressure on Brady.
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