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Lunch With Joe Montana

I agree with Joe, if he had stayed in SF, we'd of cock-blocked the Dallas dynasty of the 90s.
Doesn't surprise me he would say that about Alex as Montana kind of lost his job on the 49ers in the same way. Not exactly the same of course but it is safe to say he left with a sour taste in his mouth.

Cool interview though I am really jealous.
The comment about Steve really shows the confident and competitive nature of Joe.

And yes, he would have won more. What he did in KC sort of proves it and the fact that he beat us with KC's roster.
Originally posted by doc_brown_:
My uncle's buddy got him two tickets for lunch with Joe Montana. He took his daughter (my cousin) and she described the highlights on her blog, which I'll provide for you.


The luncheon was at RAO's at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Local radio personalities, Juicy and Spence, met all 20 diners and explained the rules. One autograph on a ball, one picture with Joe.

They sat at one table and shared a meal - family style. Joe Montana talked the whole time. He answered questions, held nothing back, even talked about his kids. Some highlights:

- My uncle asked him what he though of our current quarterback controversy. He said he doesn't know what Harbaugh is thinking - that Alex Smith should have come back in to play until he lost the starting position fairly, and that "the new kid" is a running qb and they don't take teams very far.

- My uncle asked him about a holding call in the Niners vs. Giants playoff game that cost us the game, and Joe Montana referenced a pass interference call from a couple plays before, which he thought had more of an effect.

- He's still buddies with "Ronnie" and talks of him fondly.

- Someone asked him about Charles Haley and T.O. and he was totally candid about both those guys. He said Charles Haley was on meds and depending if he took them that day, Joe Montana would decide whether or not to get on the same bus. As for T.O., Joe said that if he was Jeff Garcia, he would have dragged his ass into the film room and showed him tape of every pass that he dropped.

- My uncle asked him what he thought of our failed three-peat, and he said something to the effect of, "Look, with the guys we had, I could have stayed and won 2 more. The guy replaced me and won 1." Never says Steve Young's name. Totally awkward in a room full of Niners fans.

(My cousin's conclusion)
Lunch with Joe Montana was totally what I thought it would be like. He's nice and friendly, loves football, and my dad had a total blast. I think he's still on Cloud 9 and won't be coming down for a while. As for me, well it's probably been one of the coolest days of my whole entire life.

Totally cool story and totally cool blogsite. Your cousin is gorgeous! And she looks to be very happy with new baby and family! Best of both worlds!
Originally posted by 9erred:
Look, I sill say it again, "in Harbaugh we trust". His W-L record is incredible, the team now has the proper exepctation to win the NFC West, where when other coaches said it everyone rolled their eyes.

Harbaugh played qb in the NFL, he brought two college programs back to respectability and is quickly turning the 9ers into a team that will be playing in the play offs year after year.

Harbaughs goal never was to just get to the play offs, he wants to win the super bowl. Maybe he sees that if he stays with the same recipe he will not accomplish that goal.

In Harbaugh we trust.

I agree, im tired of hearing fans turning their backs on this team. In harbaugh we trust!
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Totally cool story and totally cool blogsite. Your cousin is gorgeous! And she looks to be very happy with new baby and family! Best of both worlds!

Should we send her a message letting her know about your post?
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Totally cool story and totally cool blogsite. Your cousin is gorgeous! And she looks to be very happy with new baby and family! Best of both worlds!

Should we send her a message letting her know about your post?

Why not. I love blogs. I scrolled through the entire blog and got the lady's entire story. It's a good one!

And she is gorgeous! Her husband is a lucky guy!
Joe is god but he clearly hates Steve Young and running QBs. Funny thing is that Kap really hasn't run much other than designed running plays this year.
Not sure I agree with Kaep being strictly "a running qb".

Yeah he can run, but he also can throw the ball extremely well.

Joe could run a little too in his younger days.
Originally posted by BSofSF:
Originally posted by USArmyParatrooper:
Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:
Too young to appreciate Montana and despite all evidence and logic to the contrary, I prefer Steve Young.

Montana taking that jab by not even acknowledging Young's name only confirms that he's still pissy about the whole thing and smug "I would have won 2 more". Get over it Joe, you won 4 friggin Super Bowls.
I'm USArmyParatrooper, and I approve of this message.

Your relative youth is a perfectly good explanation for your preference of Young. It's natural to prefer the players you watched growing up over supposed legends. I'm probably a little older than you and remember all of both players careers. Montana, IMO, was better. Always in command. Young was a little like Kaep...capable of amazing plays, not sure what you're gonna get. If Young and Montana were stocks, you'd say that Young has a higher Beta if that means anything to you. I agree that Joe should get over his legacy, but he is who he is. The greatest QB to ever wear the red and gold.

How in the world do you know my age? I grew up watching Joe Montana and then the transition to Steve Young. I happen to think Steve Young was a better quarterback. He should have gone on to be a starter with another team a looong time ago, although I'm glad he didn't.

I approved of his message stating Joe Montana sounded kind of d***ish. He won 4 Superbowls. He can at least pretend to have some decorum.

The Joe Montana vs. Steve Young argument is kind of like the Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson argument for AC/DC fans.

Joe was better.

So was Bon.
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Thanks for posting!

Liked watching Joe more but liked them both. Montana's touch, placement of the ball and smooth play always gave me confidence that the niner were going to win...especially in the big games. He has a few issues but when you take your career seriously I guess that's the way it is.

Young was like watching a kid running amok, with no idea what he was going to do until he did it. After a few years with Walsh he became a much better, calmer QB.
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I have always said and stuck by this... as much as I loved Joe the Cowboys and Packers of the 90's were better teams than Joe had ever faced. They were way more talented than the 91 Giants, 87 Vikings, 85 Bears, 83 Redskins, and 81 Cowboys. I think Joe would of had his hands full like Steve IMO. There were a few bad calls in both championships in 92 (cowboys) and 97 (packers) that really hurt us. It is what it is though we lost and did not reach it those years. Who knows what would of happened in 98 if Hearst did not break his ankle in the divisional Falcon matchup? Hey I am good with both QB's. I can not choose one over the other. Steve provided me a lot of great memories as well.
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