I've already made a thread about who the Niners should consider cutting or not resigning. Now I am going to mention a few guys who should be re-signed/locked up before their contracts are done.

Michael Crabtree: This guy seems to be getting better and better each week. The most impressive aspect is that the Niners have no really good Number 2 receiver to keep pressure off him. Yet Crabs keeps producing like a stud.

Iupati and Anthony Davis: Anytime you have young studs like these on the O-Line, you HAVE to lock them up. Outside of quarterback, O-Line the most crucial component of a good, playoff-caliber team. You dont see any bad teams with good O-Lines.

Aldon Smith: He is the only elite pass-rusher on the team. Our defense wouldnt be nearly as good if teams didnt have to gameplan for Aldon Smith. Future HoF'er imo.

Tarell Brown and Chris Culliver: These guys are two big reasons why Niners have a top-5 pass defense. Outstanding players. Culliver has a chance to become something very special.