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I am really bummed that Hunter and Williams got hurt. Now LMJ and Jenkins will have to step up and contribute. Hope they are up to it if called upon. However, many people didn't like the pick of a wr and rb at the time, but it shows how much hindsight that Baalke and JH have. Just hope they are ready even though I heard LMJ was progressing but not as much as they hoped, especially in the return game. I think Jenkins will do alright, if AS starts, hope he gives him a chance. Might be interesting to see Kaep and LMJ in there given their backgrounds, and run a fast break offense with no huddle for a series.

Shows the foresight though of Baalke as far as position wise, just hope they pan out. Might as well be now cause guys like Moss and Jacobs won't be back cause of salary cap in all likely hood, though if Moss doesn't get picked up by anyone, might be good if he stayed on as an assistant coach to help the young wr.
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Yeah, it is kind of eery the way it all worked out, huh.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Yeah, it is kind of eery the way it all worked out, huh.

Harbaugh = Illuminati
Yep. It has been rather annoying to hear so much whining about our first two draft picks being "useless". Guess some do not realize how critical it is for playoff-bound teams to have good depth in case of injuries. Should have known this after watching our NFCCG last season.

Maybe now, they understand.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Yeah, it is kind of eery the way it all worked out, huh.

Harbaugh = Illuminati

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yup....and some still bag on me when I say why they kept Dixon as well. People under estimate how important Bruce Miller has been for us. When Dixon showed ability to also run block and pass block...along with his running skills, I knew that would keep him on the team. If Miller got hurt, he would be able to step in...compared to a new FB that would have to learn the play book. I know we have Tukuafu as well, but I don't know about his pass blocking ability, if we had to audible.

I think some will be surprised by Dixon's running ability.

but the point of this thread is very true..its one of the main things I like about Harbaugh and Baalke. Foresight.....Harbaugh with his coaching, with his words...and Baalke with his drafting and player contract decisions.
Thank God we have Baalke/JH in charge of the draft and not some of the posters from the Zone.
The only upside to the injury situation is that it gives our young guys a almost half a season to prepare for post-season football
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lol this lol
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