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Jed York Interview

Saw this on CBS Sportsline. Just thought people might be interested in the Jed York interview. Smart guy who learned from Uncle Eddie.

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Thanks for the link.

Good interview.
Great read, thanks.
Money Money
I know Jed is buddy buddies with Jerry Jones, but this is a nice shot at him anwyay:

(On Uncle Eddie):

"Q: What was his best advice for running a team?

York: I don't know that it was ever advice he gave. You learned by example. You watched what he was able to do ... and again that was putting the best people in place and allowing them to do what they do, allowing them to make decisions and not interjecting yourself in an area such as: Who's going to start? Who are we going to draft? And who are we going to get in free agency? That's not my expertise. I want to make sure I play devil's advocate with our guys when they're doing things, just so there are checks and balances. They're the guys making the decisions, and I'm the one ultimately responsible for the decisions Jim and Trent make ... all the way down the line. You just have to let them do what they do well."


This was interesting.
Thanks for posting the interview. I enjoyed reading it.
Just watched a great documentary on Eddie D that was aired on the NFL Channel. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the 49ers would have won more SBs had he not been forced to give the team to his sister. He needs to be voted in the NFL Hall of Fame.

If this is replayed again dont miss it. It is special.
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