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Next player you want to see signed to an extension

Originally posted by GNielsen:
I'll be surprised if Crabtree comes back at all this season.

I think he'll be back early December
Originally posted by ninerfan1984:
thats crazy talk Aldon doesnt have anything to prove he has more sacks in his first 2 seasons than anyone in the history of the game...I will repeat more than anyone ever... He was hurt and didnt have his normal explosiveness during the playoff strech but to give all the credit to J. Smith is just stupid if all a OLB had to do to get tons of sacks is play with J. Smith (whom I love by the way but people around here act like A. Smith is average or below average without him.) than why didnt other linebackers who played next to J.Smith not put up huge numbers. Nope that is flawed logic A. smith was hurt and it showed down the stretch. However He is a special talent when it comes to getting to the QB and I look forward to seeing him get to the QB for our D for years and years to come even after J. Smith retires! That being said Aldon and Kaep are by for our two most important players to extend in the next couple years and its not close after those two.

Fair points, and I knew everyone would disagree with me. Aldon needs to keep playing at this elite level to get the crazy contact his agent will want.
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Originally posted by ChipDouglas510:
Originally posted by GNielsen:
I think the next one they have to lock up is Iupati. They've got a potential elite franchise QB for years to come. Get one of the best o-lines in the league in place and set for him.


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I think that we should try to resign Brown, Aldon Smith, Kaepernick, and Iupati.

But, given this front office's track record, I am not to worried about them mucking things up.

What happens, happens.
It's Iupati...he's a key part of what's become the best OL in the NFL. Aldon's opportunity will come, but Iupati should come first...he's earned it.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:

Coach Harbaugh till 2040
Originally posted by tondiman:
Coach Harbaugh till 2040

We should let Iupati walk and/or franchise him a year and then let him walk. He's way too inconsistent in pass protection. And he will want large money. We have better places to spend it. We won't be doing anything with Aldon until his legal situation clears up - but assuming he stays a free man, we should be able to get him at a discount hopefully. He's worth the risk. My guess is they put something in his contract to protect the team from future mishaps.

Kaepernick needs to be done. By far the most important of all of them. I'd like to bring Brown back. I think he's a guy who will probably wind up underpaid in FA. He's done what he's done pretty quietly and has been called for a lot of phantom penalties. He's better than what I think he'll get on the free market. Not sure how he feels though after the way his contract got handled. I don't expect him back and we have quite a lot of depth at corner even if Aso never played another snap (let's hope). Morris can play. It's too bad we let Cooper go. That was a gigantic mistake.
Bumping this... Who is next guys?

After 2013 Season FA's: Boldin, Brown, Manningham, Dawson, Wright, Wilhoite, Osgood, Goodwin, Whitner, Dixon, McCoy, Dobbs, McLBT

After 2014 Season FA's: Crabtree, Iupati, Skuta, Dorsey, Spillman...
Can't Negotiate Until After the Season: Kaepernick, Aldon, Culliver, Miller, Hunter, Kilgore

I think after this season I'd look at Miller, Kilgore and maybe Hunter who will be cheap and should be easy to get done. Culliver could be cheaper after injury but we won't know what to expect from him so could wait until into the 2014 season. I don't expect us to re-sign Kap or Aldon during this offseason, especially Kap.

We are currently negotiating with Iupati and Brown but there is a chance neither gets done. Iupati's value is dropping as his play drops off (probably due to injury) and it will be tough to reach an agreement. Brown will want more than we can offer, he's been underpaid for many years now and he will go and get paid. He's 29 this will be his last contract. I don't want to sign a 29 year old to a 4-5 year deal and he deserves more than a 2-3 year deal which I would feel more comfortable with.

So this season we can negotiate with any of the 2013 FAs plus Crabtree, Iupati, Skuta, Dorsey and Spillman. I don't see us in any hurry to re-sign Manningham, Dawson, Wright, Wilhoite, Osgood, Skuta, Dorsey or Spillman. So we are down to Crabtree, Iupati, Brown and Boldin. Question is will we re-sign one of those guys before the end of the season? If not someone we can't negotiate with yet (Miller, Kilgore, Hunter, Culliver) could pass them up. Crabtree we can negotiate with now but I'm not sure we don't wait until he's been back awhile and possibly after this season. Boldin I could see us adding a year on at 4-5 mil but it's a matter of does he want to come back and will he wait until after the season to see how we do. If we don't make the playoffs would he come back? I really don't know but if we don't sign anyone for the rest of the season I think Miller or Culliver could be first up. If we re-sign someone this season it's likely Iupati, Brown or Boldin but Boldin would be the easiest so he could be first. If you asked me who I want to see signed to an extension first and I took into account the money and if we can afford them I'd say Boldin 1 year 5 million or 2 year 8 million dollar extension. Next would be after the season Bruce Miller like 3 years, 5-6 million.
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Not sure how many we can sign w/current cap. AB will inform us for sure - which is great that he keeps it real.

I'd like to see in no particular order:

2013 - Boldin, Dawson, Wright, Wilhoite, Osgood, Whitner

2014 - Iupati, Skuta, Dorsey Culliver

I like Kilgore and Miller as very affordable.

Like Hunter also not sure how much $ he'll want.

Crabs will be a big time debate. It'll depend on how well he does upon his return and how much $ he'll demand. It won't be cheap.
i want miller back.
This may sound crazy but the way things are currently going I would let Kap test the free agent market if he does not want to accept a mid-level deal. Right now he isn't even playing at a middle of the pack level, so giving him a mid-level deal would be over paying.
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