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Navarro Bowman signs 5 year contract extension til 2018!

As long as we can keep Anthony Davis/Mike Iupati, I will be pleased.
rams/cards and seacocks are all crying in their adderall right now.
Where can i buy a Bowman Jersey?
Great News we will have the best LB corp in the league. Lets get it done....
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Originally posted by nevadalove9ers2:
Can't help but think kaepernick playing good plays into this. It freed up 8.5mil next year!

Hell yes, I'd re-sign if Kaepernick was my QB too.

This team believes now man. No more weak cogs. We're all looking at you, Akers.
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Originally posted by Jakemall:
Originally posted by Bay2Bay9erAllday:
Best Line backing tandem EVER!!

And they both have a lot of years in them...

I just creamed my pants.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
rams/cards and seacocks are all crying in their adderall right now.
All LB's 7 locked up until 2015. I think the team drafts heavy on d line this year. Front 7 baby! I love how this team does business. I can't even believe its the same franchise as 2 years ago.
this is so awesome
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Bye bye Goldson.
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Pro Football Focus ‏@PFF

49ers locking down NaVorro Bowman for 5 years per @AdamSchefter. Willis locked up until after 2016. Almost seems unfair.
Originally posted by TX9R:
Bye bye Goldson.

Ive been waiting to buy his jersey pending on him signing an extension. Its time!!!!!!

Bowman, Willis, Brooks together for some years...WoW!! Hope Aldon gets his soon..