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Is it too early to start wearing a Kaepernick jersey?

Is it too early to start wearing a Kaepernick jersey?

No, it isn't too early.

However, I'm wearing an Aldon Smith jersey. LOL
Bought mine back in August. Been wearing it all season. Live on the east coast and earlier in the season got asked by a random dude if I just got my name put on a 49ers jersey. I said no it's a Colin Kaepernick jersey. The next great 49er QB.

I have a friend who has been wearing a Kap jersey since last season. He's probably one of a few people to have a Reebok KaP jersey.
I have mine tattooed on.
Originally posted by susweel:
I have mine tattooed on.

McLovinAlexSmith tattoo?
Aldon Smith jersey!
I don't see anything wrong with sporting ANY 49er jersey. If they're playing for our boys, what difference does it make when u choose to wear it?
I got 99, 52, and 85.
Ck is the best QB in the NFC West. All of a sudden, Russell Wilson and Bradford don't seem that shinny anymore. And poor Arizona, their QB situation is a train wreck.

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I just ordered mine this past Friday
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