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Gobble Gobble Jive Turkey Thread

Dedicated to all the Give Turkey Gobble Gobble Jive Turkey Gobblers. I suspect a return to thanksgiving games next year.

Ideally we can make fun of all the Jive coming out of the media about our team here.
So this is a 24/7 thread?
Niner Talk?
CK will start.
I guess it could also be in NFL talk. However I was thinking it would just be a place to talk about what is should properly be viewed as nonsense which is spoken about our team. I suppose it could also be a place to discuss bad calls etc. It just seems like there isn't alot of room in many other threads to talk about the validity of reporting on the team. From payton manning, to the Jim Harbaugh hire, to the current QB controversy, to Jamie dukes being the most dedicated hater of Alex Smith beyond reason. I'd just like to have a place to call "irrationality" to account, as it regards to our football team.
There are 5 billion qb threads. Lets not turn this into another. Please and thank you.
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