Last night is EXACTLY what this team needed to setup the Saints game. If we know anything about Alex, he plays like a different QB when someone lights a fire under his ass (see Eagles game a few yrs back).

With Kaep's remarkable outing last night, combined by the grumblings of coaches/players and media of a possible QB controversy, I FULLY expect Alex to play with a chip on his shoulder. He's gonna go into the Saints game with something to prove, and recent memory serves that whenever thats been the case, "hesitant" Alex becomes "killer" Alex.

It's going to be loud in NO this Sunday. And we needed the momentum going into the game to break...well...the Saints comeback efforts.

Against one of the s**ttiest defenses in football, I expect Alex to be assertive. Lots of audibles out of the run for passes, me thinks.

Before yesterday, I didnt think we stood that much of a chance going up against Brees. But after yesterday, Im expecting to WHOLLOP the Saints in their stadium. Cant wait !