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NFL Films-Freddie Solomon

Was feeling good after a statement game by the niners. Switching thru the channels to watch the highlights. Then there was an ESPN2 special that featured Freddie Solomon, not just the football player but the man and it also featured Eddie D. You here so much how Eddie was a player's owner, but NFL films really showed that when the video concentrated on their relationship, epecially towards the end when Freddie was fighting cancer. Was very touched by the video. Didn't know it was on, wish I knew so I could have caught the whole thing. They even talked about The Catch to Clark, it was supposed to go to Freddie, but he slipped, to which Montana was asked what was going thru his mind-he said oh (beep) and chuckled. Hope you guys got to see it. It was the first I saw this and hope they show it again.
was it this one:

No it was another video that was about Freddie Solomon. Although, this one had a portion in the begining that is in the other one.
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