Before everyone rushes to anoint Kaepernick as the starter for the rest of the season, lets look who he really beat at home - A deflated bears team with Jason Campbell as Quarterback In the Bears 7 victories, no team they beat is over .500 (except of Indianapolis and that the first game with a raw Andrew Luck). Their three losses: Houston, Green bay SF - All over .500. The Bears are overrated. Most of the teams they beat do not have good offenses,

In order to judge Kaepernick, we must see how he performs in consecutive games under different circumstances, against a team on that is clearly on top of their game, which the bears weren't and on the road.

People have short memories.. Just last a week there was a Poll asking how many people thought we would have beaten the Rams if Alex didn't go out of the game. Most said yes.

Now there is a Poll on the front webzone site saying almost 60% would rather see Alex start against the Saints.

Once defenses prepare for Kaepernick who know how he will perform? He is bound to make mistakes in crucial games, he's already had several fumbles and near pick sixes.

Let's be patient and cheer for either QB that starts, hope the coaching staff makes the right decision going forward, and doesn't play Yo-Yo with the QBs.