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Delusions of Greatness

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We are not a great team. Now that that's out of the way, let's break it down…

Our special teams are not really special. We may have one of the best punters in history but if we can't cover all bases and tackle correctly, that great punt becomes totally pointless. The backbone of this unique and special unit was one Blake Costanzo and a hint of Colin Jones. Blake brought the swag that our team once embraced. He gave the special teams respect. He brought along the Tony Montana song and asked the pa to play it before every kick off so our team would get pumped. Now that Blake is gone we have no backbone. We have lost the swag we once had. So hearing the Montana song play before a kick off is like talking to your ex hoping for the good old days. It isn't going to happen. We need to stop the Montana song and hope for a new found identity because our special teams are mediocre at best. I'm not going to discuss Aker's misses because I'm hoping it's just a fluke, he deserves that at the very least.

Our defense is not the same. We may have the same core players as last year but we don't play like it. Some may point to how Vic Fangio's defense statistically always regresses after its first initial year. Others may say that teams have a year's worth of footage on our D and know exactly what to exploit (i.e. Adrian Peterson's comments on why they didn't fear our D). Whatever the case, we can no longer expect the defense to ruthlessly devour our opponents like last year. We can't rely on their angelic presence to save us from whatever hole we may be in. Don't get me wrong, we do have some outstanding players; however, they aren't all as great as make the entire lot to be.

Our offense is another story, one of much debate and scrutiny. I'm going to put it to you straight, we still do not have the weapons. Our WRs are still middle of the pack. Moss isn't '07 Moss or Vikings Moss, he is '12 Moss. A Moss that missed a year after being in 3 different teams the previous year. Even though, he still brings respect and an aura that helps us vastly. He isn't a deep threat player like Calvin Johnson, Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson that most put him up to be this year. Crabtree is benefitting the most of Moss' presence but he still isn't a WR 1. He's more of a Decker without the Demaryius, and he needs his Thomas. Personally, I believe Crabtree's highest potential to be in the Amendola and Welker grade, which is still highly exceptional. Manningham was below Cruz and Hicks on the depth chart for the Giants, and he plays like so, enough said. Gore is and always will be a beast. Davis is outstanding and opposing defenses are showing him the respect he's entitled to. That's why lately he hasn't been "producing" in the stats category for the infatuated masses to see. Maybe if he had the height of Gronkowski, Graham or Gonzalez he'd still produce even while being shadowed and covered.

Our O-line is great… in run-blocking that is. Pass-blocking is another thing. I would love this cuddly group of behemoths so much if they pass-blocked with as much time as Brady's group. Nonetheless, I'm happy they don't play like the Eagle's O. I'm not going to discuss our QB's all that much because it's just a blackhole of unwavering illogical analysis that consumes nearly every nfl team's fanbase, so I'll just leave that for the qb thread.

Are we a great team? No. Have some of us put our team in a pedestal? Yes, some most definitely have. However after all of the hype and delusion I do believe we have the potential to be great. We've showed flashes of greatness from all facets of our team last season and this season thus far. So I do hope we bring it all together soon enough. I'm just taking it one game at a time because it's difficult to win a game in the nfl, no matter what any team's record shows.
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There are no great teams in today's NFL. It's all about parity. The talent difference between 13-3 and 3-13 is the smallest it's ever been in the history of the NFL.
oh ok
Originally posted by NinerGod:

Hey Genius Great teams are made in the season. Considering yourself great before you become great is PLAIN STUPD!(sp on purpose) Enjoy this Stuff homie!!!
Bumpity bump bump bump
Well its kinda hard to read this after this game, but I agree with you on some point.
Originally posted by NinerGod:

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I went to the zoo once, only thing I saw was a bunch of jackasses.
I'll admit it, my jimmies were rustled when I saw Costanzo out there for the Bears. That guy makes such a tremendous impact on special teams, I'd really love to see him come back to the 49ers next season since I believe he only signed a 1 year deal with Chicago.
oh man, you must feel so silly at this moment after how niners played tonite.

Where is this guy and his unneccessary negativity now?