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Vikings, Giants, Rams game calls...and Harbaugh...or part of him.

After the Vikes game, and in fact during the game, I thot Coach H was having a bad nite with the O and D calls, plus the O and D gameplans. It was so out of sync with what we had been doing. Vikes had the BIG RUSH(which we had seen before), and Coach seemed intent on alex dropping back for 5 and 7 steppers. The more he tried it, the more sacks or knock downs piled up. It looked to me like Coach had a bad game. Then we were back to normal, then came the Giants, and we once again reverted to 5 and 7 steppers, some even 9 steppers, with sacks piling up, not completions. And still Coach Harbaugh tried it . It appeared he had a really bad game. Then he was back on track again...until the Rams game. Again like 2 previous loss games, 5 and 7 steppers into the BIG RUSH. More sacks, few completions. Another bad game for Coach H.

After the first game, I wondered if Coach just had a bad day. It was a carbon copy in Giants game, "like c'mon Coach, get your head in it." Coach could see that any pass taking time to develop would end up a sack, but he calls them anyway. "What gives?" Coach looked like he was new to the game or his head wasn't in it.

Then the Rams game, and I truly wondered was there something wrong with Harbaugh's thinking. Then the Atrial Fib, (and reported by MM, i believe, the left chest pain). And then it hit me. Maybe, just maybe, Coach Harbaugh was coaching some games with half his brain...or at least diminished capacity from normal. Could it have been that he was only partly there at the Vikes, Giants, and Rams games? I don't know the answer, but I suspect he will come out tomorrow nite and with a brain full of oxygen, come up with a win. I think Coach H may very well have been mentally diminished during our two losses and 1 tie. Nothing I can prove, but 3 games this yr Coach goes from Brilliant play caller to wet noodle. I am very intrigued how the game is called tomorrow nite. My guess it is the old Jim we all know and love, not the one who wasn't getting enough oxygen to his brain in our two losses and one tie.

OK, that is behind us, and essentially we are playing a team better than the Pack, Vikes, and Lions. ...and certainly a heckuva lot others. But I think Harbaugh is back to form tomorrow nite and outcoaches Lovie, as he usually has done against others. I think the AFib was a part of this, overlooked by us, and if the old Harbaugh shows up tomorrow nite, I will be a lot more sure. Lots of folks have AF asymptomatically, but when there are symptoms, eg, left chest pain, feeling fuzzy upstairs, then you know not enough ventricular beats are getting thru and the person is somewhat not enough oxygen to heart muscle and more importantly in this case, to brain cells. I don't want to take anything away from Vikes or Giants in their wins... and Rams in their tie. But that was not the Jim Harbaugh we know. I say the real Harbaugh, with clear head and no AFib, a brainful of oxygen, outcoaches the Bears for the win. Unnnh....the players better show up also. If Kap ends up playing he better be on his game. A clear headed Harbaugh will see that this happens.

But make no mistake about it. Bears are for real, and if we win, it will be because our coach outcoached theirs. But this game, he will have all his wits about him.

Seriously tho , this is a huge overreaction
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dont u worry, Campbell will b the QB, we should win
uh huh
Originally posted by fly15:
dont u worry, Campbell will b the QB, we should win

I was kind of hoping cutler would play just to see him meltdown on mnf
Originally posted by fly15:
dont u worry, Campbell will b the QB, we should win

We have a knack for letting 2 nd string QBs look like HOFers.
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Originally posted by fly15:
dont u worry, Campbell will b the QB, we should win

We have a knack for letting 2 nd string QBs look like HOFers.

John Skelton didnt look like a HOF QB bro , Campbell is the second 2nd string QB we have faced this year ....even though I admit, we had trouble with 2nd string QB's during the Sing and Nolan years
Coach is now better, but will Kap fill the bill? Man I hope so. So much talent, but to date seems not yet ready. Well, ready of not, he HAS to perform tonite, and he has to play well. No chances, just sure stuff if passes. And as noted above, he DOES need his security blanket, either vernon, maybe crabs. A better bet? Frank. That would sure be putting a lot on frank. As for D, my hope with Coach Harbaugh now better, he will see that Campbell doesn't get all day to throw a pass. That means the BIG RUSH, and that means 5, 6 guys coming on any possible pass play...of which I doubt there will be many.

Hey, Obama said the Bears have the best D in the NFL. P-52 smiled and said, "well, he's the boss". Don't you know bowman, p52, justin, aldon, big mac, CBs, DBs, and rest of DL want to prove that wrong(which it is anyway)/
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
I thot Coach H was having a bad nite with the O and D calls, plus the O and D gameplans.

Harbaugh doesn't make the calls for the O or the D, so this argument is invalrod.
Stoney, I have watched many times when it was obvious Coach H was sending in plays, both O and D. Now maybe he was chatting with his wife, but I doubt it. I am pretty certain that he has a lot of sayso in which plays are called especially when the going gets tight. Can i prove it? No, but just watching it seems unlikely to me that Coach Harbaugh is not calling a lot of plays, on both sides of the ball. It is when roman and fangio are left on their own that it looks like the playcalls were done by somebody with brain-fade. As for O and D gameplans, I would guess it is pretty much what HC wants. Having a HC who also is an OC was the big deal about us getting that if the OC is fantastic and gets hired away, the HC/OC doesn't really notice it. Before Harbaugh we had noln and BM who had no idea about calling games, and that killed us. Norv was here 1 yr and was auditioning the entire time. McCarthy at GB now, was OC for 1 yr and then HC in GB. So I believe, truly, this HC is calling plays and that roman does as commanded. Same for fangio. AGain, i cannot prove either statement. As HC at Stanford he was intimately involved in playcalls for both O and D, and I believe that continues with the 49ers.

He may play a role in calling offensive plays but no way he is calling plays for the D. That's all Fangio.
Hey, Obama said the Bears have the best D in the NFL.

You know, it's one thing to prove you're clueless about politics, but now he's proving he knows nothing about football as well.
This conclusion fails to acknowledge the fact that Harbaugh has repeatedly stated Greg Roman and Vic Fangio call all the plays. Harbaugh obviously creates the gameplan and can overrule their calls, but he isn't the one calling the plays.
Rider, I have read that, but do you really believe it? That's what I would say if I were HC and didn't want to give short shrift to my OC and DC.

As for the topic of this thread, I will maintain that this was the REAL Harbaugh tonite, and his episode of Atrial Fib with Lt chest pain(MM in Webzone report), was the reason he got the AF treated. I firmly believe the 2.5 games we lost where it appeared Coach H was somewhere else, or not focused, or confused....that is all gone now and now the NFL gets the real Jim Harbaugh, with all cylinders hitting in his brain. If he was fuzzy before at times during a game, it probably wasn't noticed by him, and he called and planned 3 lousy games. But with the chest pain(reportedly by MM), all of a sudden JH had to do something about it. He got caridoverted successfully, because the left chest pain caught his attn. At that point neither his brain cells nor his heart muscle cells were getting perfused with oxygen adequately, and he got his AF treated.

As I said above, "watch the real jim Harbaugh come out and outcoach Lovie smith and the Bears for the win" Well , that's the way it went down, and I predict that is the way it will be thruout the rest of the season, with maybe one more surprise loss before the playoffs. NFL better be on alert. Coach Harbaugh is back, healthy, and like last yr is going to win on out...except we win two more post season games this yr.

Our team looked like the one best coached team I have seen play all yr tonite, both O and D. The smith brothers were astounding, Kap looked like a seasoned player, the OL blocked like fiends, the DL and front 7 just rolled the Bears OL and RBs. This was a game for the a HEALTHY Coach H. It does make a difference. Congrats all around for Vernon, Frank, hunter, everybody on O and the entire D for total dominance. This was a 180 degree reversal in gameplan O and D, and gamecalls. Coach H is back.
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