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If Ginn is healthy and will be returning punts and kickoffs...I'm not sure why Kyle Williams is active over AJ Jenkins...jenkins would seems to add a speed element that we don't have otherwise...Not saying this would make a huge difference in our O but I do think it speaks to AJ's performance in practice. I'd have to believe ,for experince only, the team would prefer AJ takes those 4-5 snaps per game.
Would this thread still be if CK saw Williams wide open for a long TD? ....I want Williams in there to redeem himself of last year....boy did he almost lose a big one this past game.....come on K-dubb pulling for you big guy!!!!
I kinda agree with you, but i would personally deactivate Ginn, let KW take his position on special teams, and then activate Jenkins. We need to develope another PR/KR, because quite frankly, Ginn is eating a roster spot, that could go to someone that could contribute more than just KR/PR specialist. KW showed flashes back there, and all he needs is to build his confidence through experiance.
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we already are s**tty in most phases of the special teams,, lets not do this. i am ok with kyle williams but am better with ginn and have zero confidence in a rookie who has not played this year.
its because when we need KW on offense he is availble Smith has lil to null chemistry with Jenkins whereas Smith does and has shown he has quite a bit of chemistry with KW. It all comes down to who gives SMith the best shot and Im assuming Jenkins doesn't fair to well in practice if KW is above him in the line up.
Next season its a possibility that Moss and Ginn wont be back. So williams and AJ Jenkins will get their chances.
Agreed. Aj would make more plays than williams
Our coaches are damned fools or not giving AJ and James some real game reps. Practice and exhibition games are one thing, but some guys are just born to shine on the big stage. They should have been given a shot wayyy earlier in the season to show if they have "it " or not.
I think Moss may return. The big offenses won't need him and we will still be a championship caliber team.
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Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
I think Moss may return. The big offenses won't need him and we will still be a championship caliber team.

I agree as well. No one is going to shell out the big bucks or give him a prominent role.

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Considering Williams runs a sub 4.4 your argument about adding speed doesn't make much sense.

People need to realize that the 49ers aren't going to fix their issues with "speed" by adding a guy who runs fast. The problem the 49ers have with that "speed element" are the coaches super conservative passing philosophy and the 49ers quarterbacks always playing safe.
Kyle Williams is a good WR, after the catch he can be an explosive player. Don't let his NFC Championship game mishap cloud your memories of his flashes of talent as a WR.
Our coaches know what they are doing.

Let's see, they took a 6-12 team to 13-3 in one season. Gee, it must have be all luck. NOT!

Ginn: He improves our KO capability and betters our chances in winning games. AJ-TOTALLY unproven. I guess AJ getting more experience is better than winning games. Ginn will be gone next season IF there is someone better to return KO.

KW: AGAIN, according to some posters - our coaches don't know crap. KW will keep getting better and will keep getting reps.

WAKE UP! Ginn & KW are playing in games because our coaches think they give us a better chance on winning.

If AJ isn't proving it in practice - then the best people we have will be on the field.
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