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Better than kissing your sister, COW, former COY, and HC and DC who didn't show up

Ok, the tie is "like kissing your sister", but this tie was just a downright gift. COY??? That was last yr. This yr, Jeff Fisher may have earned the title in one game...and that was against us....the team whose HC, DC and ST coaches all failed to appear. What in the world was that about? A fake punt that actually works on 4th down...caught us with our pants down. That wouldn't happen again in yrs...until about 30 minutes later, when Fisher did it AGAIN!. Good grief, wake the sleeping HC, ST coach, and DC. As for Fangio, he covered himself not in glory but in mediocrity. Bradford is a great QB when he sits there unmolested, looks all day, finds Olmendal(sp) and finds him for what, 12 catches? Put pressure on Bradford and he looks just like brees, brady, eli, alex, under lots of blitzing, not very good. But when we needed to pressure Bradford, basically all game, did Fangio blitz? Heck no, he rushes front 3 or 4 and plays not to lose, giving up one complete pass after another. I'm no football genius, but when you got a guy you can rattle, that's what you do. You blitz him until he cries uncle...or loses. Instead, Fangio just had CBs and DBs drop back and prevent a deep one...which happened twice anyway.

Fangio, my man. Don't worry about HC next yr elsewhere bubba; anybody who sees this game film wouldn't even consider you. I am beginning to wonder if WE have the right guy at DC. Really wonder. As for our HC, he looked like a guy who missed the last nite's sleep, and functioned accordingly. The two fake punts..ST's fault, but ST reports to HC...who is ultimately responsible. Worse, once the NFL unprepared Kap comes in, when we obviously need to complete a couple passes late in OT, he has him drop back 7 steps? and get sacked? You gotta be kidding. Everyone in the building knew the BIG RUSH was coming except....KAP and Coach Harbaugh. In that situation, you snap it and sling it. 1 stepper. That's it. This business of last two plays of OT having long drop backs is exactly what D is looking and praying for. And we did, and Kap ended it there.

Kap? Sure he looked great on that TD run, but when he saw that pressure coming had no idea what to do. He completed one to maybe crbs, maybe a few others, but that was about it. Deer in the headlights, here we come. Kap is a great talent who needs a bit more time watching and learning how to play QB in the NFL.....say about 2-3 yrs more. Starter, or satisfactory replacement for alex....fugggedaboudit.

OC/HC Unnnnhhhh....maybe after first 5 or 6 plays where Frank got mugged, it was obvious the Rams had a spy on him, and not until he ran wide did he disrupt the rams D. The O gameplan was awful. D gameplan was worse. Coach of week? jeff fisher. COY? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Still my main man, but wow, did he ever disappoint. STs? Good grief what can be said other than awful on coverage, and the punt fakes....Oh boy. So even with that we still almost win until Mr Reliable, Akers, misses from 41 yds. True our D did push the Rams kicker back but except for their 13 or , maybe 14 penalties, the last one being motion or too much time, pushed him back 5 yrds too much. I guess in retrospect, neither team deserved to win, but the Rams should have. Penalties killed them. Our coaching , our highpoint usually , killed us. Frank was magnificent, but Rams OL and DL were impressive and beat us frequently. We beat them sometimes too.

Neither team played well enough to win, neither played badly enough to lose. It was, in the parlance, like kissing your sister...a tie.
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If Alex Smith hadn't gone down we would have won this game in regulation. Smith marched down field and tossed a TD and he was half blind at the time. No doubt he was getting ready to chew up the Rams defense.
Can't win COY on one game.
I agree, Boomer, that alex would've won the game for us, in spite of our coaching, both O and D. The difference between QB #1 and QB #2 is now long over and a dead duck. As i noted above, Kap is a great athlete and very talented. But NFL ready? No way, and he may ...or may not be ready in 2-3 yrs. What is interesting is that Tolz wasn't put in. I know he has not been getting the 2nd team snaps, but for my money right now, is a way better NFL QB bet than Kap....who I like...just not as a starter in the NFL.

Smith, i know you can't win COY in a game, but really what it did do was just highlight how BAD a nite Coach Harbaugh and his merry men had. It was like sleepwalking zombies or something. Somebody should have passed around RNA tabs prior to game time. Who knows, maybe it would've made our coaches at least awake, if not smarter. This team was NOT prepared for this game, but losing alex was the key. I would be interested in the last time one team ran TWO fake punts for 1st down( actually one was a pass). I bet there isn't even a record of it. We set a new NFL low for a record. Not players, mind you, but coaches. They all just stank, but HC is where the blame goes when things go good...or in this case, bad.
I lol'd @ "Olmendal(sp"
Definitely appeared that the 49ers were not properly prepared for this game, I respect Fisher as a coach, but we shouldn't have struggled so much against the Rams in this game. Same thing happened to the 49ers against the Vikings and Giants, they looked very ugly in all 3 of these games, and reminscent of previous regimes. Still glad we have the coaches and players we have, but it just wasn't a good day. I just hope that the 49ers are clicking on all cylinders when it matters, in January and February.
Yavin IV, yes it is more than passing strange that the coaching in all 3 games you mention this yr, both O and D, the playcalling, both O and D, were so out of sync, and so at odds with what Coach H did ALL last yr, each and every game, along with Fangio, and Roman. It is as if the 49ers showed up at gametime, and had no idea of what they were supposed to be doing. I don't recall the tackling during those two losses, and sure don't want to rewind them, but the tackling this game was
unbelievably bad. 5 guys...FIVE...couldn't bring down one rams WR who caught TWELVE passes in this game. Tackle after tackle was missed, and it was obvious at the gitgo that Fisher had prepared his guys for a knock down drag out fight, and the 49er coaches had not. The gameplans were off...way off. Bradford, a very good QB when not given the BIG RUSH, was allowed all day to pick us apart. And the Fangio response? Keep at it. He literally allowed them to complete one pass after another....almost as if he were playing out the clock with a big lead.

Maybe I am supersensitive, but Fangio has been showing us his worst...not his best. Put a balz to the walls blitz on Bradford, (which we did rarely) , and he doesn't know what to do....much like all but the very best qbs don't. Yet, Fangio persisted in allowing completion after completion. That ain't the 49er way. I almost wonder if Harbaugh has let fangio actually call all the D plays. I sure hope not. Last yr Harbaugh was calling most O and D plays. This yr it seems he is delegating to Roman and fangio, and it is not working out. Coach H is a great playcaller and he did that on O and D most times last order to do it right. Now it seems he is giving these guys their leash, and they have fallen flat.

Look at the two losses, and then the tie.They all look the same. I think against weak teams, fangio and roman can do ok. But against really good teams, or like the rams, really well coached teams, Harbaugh needs to be calling plays....AND setting game plans. Next time we play Bradford, he should be on his backside 3 out of every 4 plays. As for Roman....the last OT drive, having Kap take deep drops when everyone KNEW the BIG RUSH was coming was just plain goofy. Both those plays were screaming out for quick 1 steppers, to avoid the BIG RUSH, and the blitz. Quick short hitters would've gotten us in FG range. It didn't happen.

Coach Harbaugh can't just observe. He is a great coach, but his underlings aren't. When the fat is in the fire, Harbaugh, not roman nor fangio needs to be calling the plays. Right now he isn't and good teams or well coached teams are beating us up. That has to stop.
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I thought Fisher's coaching was surprisingly poor. The original 4th down punt fake was idiotic. Sure it worked, but resulted in 0 points, and could have easily resulted in a loss on downs deep in their own red zone, in a 1 possession game. Harbaugh had to coach close to 4 quarters with a backup QB who unexpectedly went in, and was able to re-tailor the game plan to him. We were in position to win. It's not like Akers was asked to kick a 63 yarder again. You expect a 45 yd FG to win you the game. That's not conservative, that's smart. Only idiot fans think they would have had a backup QB throw against a good secondary, in OT, when already in a very very manageable FG position.
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just to comment on the fangio situation.....look at his D stats wherever he has been, the D's statistically have gotten worse each yr he is there, i never bought into the notion that he was a HC candidate anywhere

Would this be reaching a bit too far...? Hear me out... It could be far fetched... but I'm tryin to rationalize what is going on. The way this team drops off against certain opponents at particular times. I'm mean completely drops off like they don't even care. I know... I know... any given Sunday. But we know what kind of team we have. We've seen them completely destroy teams... handle teams... from top to bottom. Could it be that Harbaugh is soOO savvy... and aware about how important peaking at the right time is... that he is tryin to keep his team from peaking too early. So he finds ways to easy up... I know that nobody plays the game to lose... but they sure do play games not to lose... a lot of time. If that makes sense.

I could be trippin... but man... if the 9ers smash the bears... it's gonna look more and more like "that" is exactly what Jim Harbaugh could be doing.
Originally posted by boomer49er:
If Alex Smith hadn't gone down we would have won this game in regulation. Smith marched down field and tossed a TD and he was half blind at the time. No doubt he was getting ready to chew up the Rams defense.

Put the blame where it belongs: on Akers. Kaepernick brought us back and got us in position to win. Akers just choked. Whether Alex got hurt or not, we should have won the game. The 2nd option in the blame game is the special teams for allowing 2 fake punts. 3rd option is the overall defensive effort. Alex getting hurt was the 4th reason, at best.
Rambler, thanks for the's valid.

Ryptout, I have to admit I never thot of that, but that really does seem like playing chess not three moves ahead of everyone else, but 3 days ahead. Still it has merit.
The more I think about it the more I think that Coach Harbaugh has given over game planning and playcalling to fangio and roman....and they are not Jim Harbaugh. If this is correct, then I would strongly encourage Coach to start calling plays again. There is a different feel to the game calls and gameplans, both O and D, and if roman and fangio ARE making the calls, Harbaugh ought to take back that job from both guys. Why the apparent appearance of the team in a trance? That one I dunno, but the Bye weeks are notorious for that.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Can't win COY on one game.

Agree. Wouldn't that be COTG?
Nah, it would be COW, Coach of the Week. As you know there is currently no such designation on a weekly basis. It was to make a point how prepared one coach had his team and how unprepared the other had his. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Coach Harbaugh fan. It is just that he has produced three barking dogs this yr, and my gut suspicion as noted above an elsewhere is that I do not believe he is now calling plays, instead actually allowing fangio and roman to call O and D plays, plus the O and D gameplan. Frankly neither of those guys is up to it, and Coach is going to have to revert to the Bill Bellichek and Sean Payton way of, call all plays on both O and D. He did it last yr, & this yr is trying to get by as manager of the game. It works against lesser teams. I doesn't work against tough teams or great coaches. Harbaugh needs to return to calling each and every play all game, unless we have laugher. Then turn fangio and roman lose.
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