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Is it time to give Tolzien a look?

I know kap looked ok as the back-up, but kap does not seem to be able to read defense very well, just wondering if it would be wise to at least suit up tolzien next game in case Kap struggles.
Only Tolzien can decide that.
DEF! Tolzein is our savior!
i really think tolzien is our best back-up right now untill kap gets better. its time for harbaugh to wake up and smell the cofee
Originally posted by susweel:
Only Tolzien can decide that.

But will he?

Tolzien: "Not my will, but let they will be done, Father."
Originally posted by MILFS:

why not? what because kap is an awesome passer.? He uses his legs to make up for his inexperience, that wont cut it against the bears
As if we don't have enough wild speculation dressed up as fact.
trade for tebow?
WE'RE THE #3 SEED IN THE NFC, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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