Nah, cant blame the STs on this one fellas. What STL did is called DESPERATION. Desperate teams taking desperate measures. Fake punt from your own endzone ? Really ? Fake punt from your own side of the field late in the 4th quarter ? Really ?

I dont think any team (regardless of how good their STs is) would be prepared for that. On a side note, the Packers will pulling off the same stunts in the beginnig of the year. After getting ass raped by us in week 1, they decided to pull some fake FG attempts, etc vs Chicago in week 2. They knew an 0-2 season could spell doom in GB, so they became desperate.

The 2 concerning factors:

1) why is Akers so off this season, especially after making his first 6 to start the season (including a record tying 63 yarder IN Green Bay), and

2) even with the fake punt in the 4th, why couldnt our D stop the Rams offense. I didnt rewatch the game, but maybe we went into PREVENT defense, which is the worst type of defense to play IMO.
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