1. Not enough offensive productivity: Not sure what else to say about that. We can score against bad teams but when we face a 'decent' defense we STRUGGLE. We have the skill players to produce yet we still struggle with 3 and outs, field goals instead of TD's.. We need to score more points.

2. Defense Line pressure: It's been inconsistent at best. Yes we've gotten sacks this year but we don't collapse the pocket enough to make QB's uncorfortable. Need more production.

3. Where are the turnovers?? The defense is not creating or forcing many turnovers this year.. I know as a team you can't rely on turnovers for success, but dang... I can't remember the last interception we had.

4. Coaching... Yep! We've been out coached on a few occasions this year. Those special teams blood boiling, blood pressure rising, hair pulling fake punts almost made have a stroke yesterday. And the fact that they ran TWO successful fake punts was a slap in face. But there have been other occasions where we have been out schemed and not adjusted well... Love coach Harbaugh but he to needs to step his game up.

I'm sure I'm missing somethings here, but these are some of glaring flaws I've noticed..