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C.W. Nevius " There was a gay linebacker on the 49ers"

Who cares. Really
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Mike Dingleberry
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whoever it was garrison hearst hated him,, remember his rant on gays in the nfl?
Julian Peterson... What do we win? Oh nothing... Then who the f@ck currs
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well in 1976 we did have frank nunley aka the fudgehammer as a backer, nicknamed fudgehammer cuz he looked so sweet and hit so hard. he and wilcox were close to a willis and bowman thing
Jaimie Winborn
Derek Smith and Ulbrich were hiding it real well if they had the hotties they were married to just for show..... man...the bye week is boring.... lets make this thread about Alex Smith

(the previous statement was satire and not to be held against the poster, previous posters or anyone who posts after)
Matt Millen is the f*ggot
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Originally posted by Harkonnenzombie:
Dont even know why this is a thread. Who cares!!!! Were all human beings. ELE !!!!!!!!(eveyone love everyone)

Reported for accusations and misspelling
Charles Haley was the rainbow warrior. What straight dude would consistently beat-off in front of other dudes?

Took a shot in the eye and thats why it was all messed up.
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Didn't Haley go around playing with his wanker?
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I just hope he didn't get anyone else infected with the gays. That could crumble a franchise right there.
Tom Cousineau. Well, he was released by Cleveland and signed by the 49ers in the 80's. He denied it and accused his former teamates who were trying to push him out.
Originally posted by JizzmasterZero:

She looks pretty hot to me Look at that rock!!

Good for you, Pat. Good FOR you.
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