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Which was your "false dawn" moment during the dark years?

Originally posted by nickbradley:
My false dawn was October 11th, 2009, shortly before kick-off.


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week 2 2008 jt o'sullivan!!!
2009 season we looked like a playoff caliber team
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Pretty much everything pre-Harbaugh
After our huge offseason, signing Clements, Lewis, Banta-Cain, etc

Another is after Battle took that reverse to the house, beating the Cards on MNF
Originally posted by defenderDX:
2009 season we looked like a playoff caliber team

Farve took out the right jenga piece in our team
Originally posted by defenderDX:
2009 season we looked like a playoff caliber team

When Favre hit Greg Lewis in the endzone with that miracle last second pass , it denied us a 4-0 record and started us on the path to self destruction

So thankful the football gods sent us Jim Harbaugh
Originally posted by jcashen87:
When we should have beat the Vikings in 09' and then Brett Favre struck...once again

This.... up until the Vikings 2nd to last play we were going to win. Then Farve happened.
Or maybe the season opener at Seattle in '10. We came out in that 1st 1/4 dominating. Then Moran Norris happened.
For me it was 2010.

Seemed like we had all the right pieces in place
Season opener vs Seattle, team came out on the field arms linked together, and then the first play of the game Nate Clements picked off Hasslebeck.

Wow, i remember thinking after that play, "this is it, this is our season"

Man was i wrong
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2006 last game against Denver.

And parts of 2009.
I remember being excited about Brandon Moore.
Originally posted by Janitor:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
When I started Rollin with Nolan


I was never a fan of singletary, but I originally though Nolan was the s**t.

Nolan was the s**t, but only if the ** is ui.
That Favre moment. Damn.
My 'false dawn' was when Tomsula took over for the last game. I thought he had us turned around and be the HC the next year.... but was disgusted to realized we were going after Harbaugh instead. Tomsula -- you will always and forever be my guy!
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