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Funny/Ridiculous Things Harbaugh says in defense of his players?

Originally posted by ElDannMann:
Wubbie, you should make the first post with bullet points and keep track of this throughout Harbaugh's career here in San Francisco. There will be some good memories. Harbaugh blatantly says stuff, half the reason why I love him (the other half being his 19-5 record).

Things I can think of atm are Crabtree having the best hands he's ever seen and Alex should be in the Pro Bowl for the 2011 season. I don't think either of these assessments are that radical, however, at the time of the comment, half the nation laughed at them.

I love this guy.

Good idea! I'll update this often. I really wanna see how often he says "best defensive" or "most physical" performance he's ever seen, haha.
"I was really revved up and I shook his hand too hard,"
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Originally posted by 5280High:
"I was really revved up and I shook his hand too hard,"

gets me every time
This has nothing to do with defending one of his players but it's still funny nonetheless:

Last year when he was asked what it was like on MNF when the lights kept going out, he plainly responded "It was dark"'. Everyone in the room busted out laughing, and it took him a few seconds to realize he made a funny. I got a kick out of that.
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