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To me, one of the biggest indicators of a knowledgeable fan base is if they can talk about something other than just the play of the QB or the calls the coach makes. I want to see fans who actually watch the patterns/routes run by the WRs. I want fans who understand the importance of the OL not only creating running lanes for the RBs but also throwing lanes for the QB. I want fans who understand the difference in the roles of 3-4 vs 4-3. There are other things that the VERY knowledgeable will get but the above are relatively simple things that any REASONABLY knowledgeable fan can discuss. Just looking at the volume of posts in threads discussing the QBs versus the rest of the team should give a good indication as to the knowledge level of this fan base.

Not to start sh*t here with a one-liner, but how about the sack issue? Especially when it's obvious a couple of the sacks were due to Alex standing strong in the pocket waiting for his receivers to get open, or how about when Goodwin misses a block, or when the pocket collapses around him and he's got nowhere to go? Out of the 4 sacks last night, I credit Smith with 1. We have a good OL, but it was built for the run. I know a lot of people want him to take off like Young, but remember Young's career ending because of concussions?

Yes, sack discussions are another topic that illustrate the level of knowledge of a fan base. Along side that are passes batted down by DL. Sometimes they are caused by a DL simply making a great play. Other times they read the QBs eyes and react. Still others it is the fault of the OL for not aggressively engaging the DL low to force them to keep their hands down to protect themselves. Rarely is it the fault of the QB for just releasing the ball at a very low delivery point, yet, the QB is the one that gets blamed by those who do not understand the game.

Most of the game is played AWAY from the ball, not in the immediate area.