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Originally posted by WildBill:
Not saying this year, maybe not even next, but if AS has hit his ceiling, I am willing to take the chance next year or the year after and not when the roster is half empty.

I am not saying to replace AS right now, what I am saying is that at some point you need to make a decsion, AS has done a good job and we may be able to win the SB with him , maybe not. However, you need to give the QB playing time when you can, they are not going to get better sitting and no real time. The examples that I gave do fit into the argument I made, because at the time, no one knew what Brady or Rodgers had or could really do. Bledsoe still could play and so could Farve, even if he was old and and couldn't decide. AS is the safe choice right now, but I am thinking of the future and I am willing to take the chance in a year or two, but I want CK to get some serious reps, simply because as I said before and which has been proven true, AS is one good hit has happened before and it will happen again cause when the line fails, he hangs in there and takes the hit in the pocket instead of throwing it away. When he does run he doesn't get out of bounds or slides feet first. Needs to throw on the run more and not try to stop and setup when being flushed and chased.

Why would the roster be half empty? Smith doesn't even make the much, and we're otherwise in great cap shape. In any case, I think you misunderstood my post. I said that -- same as you -- replacing Smith right now as the winning QB of a playoff team doesn't make much sense. Sounds like we agree.

And your examples still do not fit. Again, Brady got his start because Bledosoe got injured early in the season, and wound up missing the rest of the year. If that doesn't happen, then Brady would have been waiting a bit longer. In fact, Brady would have been waiting a really long time considering Bledsoe just signed a 10 year/$100 million dollar contract with the Pats.


Rodgers became the starter after Favre retired, then weeks later decided to unretire himself. Ted Thompson basically got tired of being jerked around and released him, which was the right decision (disclosure: I hate Brett Favre).

There is no example that you can provide where a coach benched the QB of a WINING team because that'd be idiotic and likely career suicide. Imagine the effect that would have on the locker room and the fan base? Those are but two of many reasons why it won't happen.

Now if it turns out that heading into next season Kap is the better QB, then I'm all for starting him.

But right now is not the time.
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Is there a youtube video for this game? Or the coaches film? My f***ing DVR didnt record.
Venturi thought the Rams' offensive line "blocked the hell out of the 49ers" much of the day, except when, in his view, the 49ers' tackles held the guards to facilitate twists (sounds familiar). And he called quarterback Sam Bradford nearly flawless.

Venturi, a former NFL assistant, reserved his highest marks for receiver Danny Amendola.

"He wore Carlos Rogers out," Venturi said. "He'll drive Carlos Rogers out of football. There is no way you can allow him in that slot and not double him. Rogers was turned every way but loose. Then he gets on top of him. Just a tremendous performance."

As I watch, I am seeing lots more energy and hunger from the Rams.

Their OL are leaking out very quickly and owning our ILBs. Let's keep it real. We are a 1-gap defense, and our NT isn't there to simply soak up extra blockers. No, there's something else going on here.
This first quarter is without a doubt the worst I have ever seen Bowman play... just wow.

Oh my... even Brown covering Amendola in the slot was beaten horribly by the jerk route. This Amendola kid is just ridiculous...
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