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*Fill in the blank!* "If we lose to Arizona Cardinals, ___________

Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
If we lose, wait for it...It will be because of crap QB play. 5-3 is NOT where we want to be... Nonchalantly picking yourself up to play the next game is BS to me. Let us not forget the Bears coming in and the late game with the Pats, Seattle away, etc..So I would ask, just how ugly a record would it take for some to say, well we lost the season and it went out of control?

Destroy the Cards, if you please..NINERS!!
Right now were on course for 12-4, how is that an ugly record?
Originally posted by paperplanemedia:
Actually I do.

Here you go Adam Philips

BTW your 2nd post in this thread was about "1 person".

"I think all three of us are on the same page."

And I praise his ass too. If he does well. But he leaves so much on the field.
...lately. He has played great this year, but wtf, is there something in his eye with his lack of field vision.

And you said you don't give a fudge, but you actually did give a fudge, and it looks great! Thank you fellow Niner faithful for the fudge that you gave.
I kept positive when Erikson, Nolan and Singletary ran the show. I'm going to start getting negative now? Fuggetaboutit!!!!!! will be because Alex Smith once again could not CONSISTENTLY find a wide open receiver and it allowed the Cardinals to hang around until they finally kicked a field goal to win the game 13-10.

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thread turned into the same ol junk, and people were insulting eachother. Street cred upped, watch your posts.
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