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Eddie Debartolo: A Football Life is on Tonight

I just finished watching it. It only makes me sad.

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Damn it breaks my heart. Loved it.
Originally posted by Hitman49:
I was thinking they might have to do a Bill Walsh one....i was waiting...and waiting...then they did one of Tebow... ....WTF.....but this Eddie D one should be good...still wanna see the one with Walsh....

Bill Walsh should never be explained by any mortal. When I get to heaven Ill ask Bill myself.
This was absolutely awesome. What Eddie D did goes beyond simply spending money. You can see it in Freddie Solomon's widow when she speaks of Eddie DeBartolo. You can see it when Jeff Fuller speaks of how Eddie was there for him. The man had a heart of gold. This show brought back a lot of memories and I also can say I learned a lot. Here's to a return to Camelot under Jed York.
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Originally posted by WhoGotItBetterThenUs:

thanx bro
Originally posted by goldstandard333:
Hall of Fame

Dwight Clark rock'n the pimp fur coat like Michael Irvin

Damn, this brought back alot of memories. Eddie D is the man

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Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
Originally posted by VDSF:
My eyes got watery at the end with the ''Eddie!, Eddie! Eddie!'' chant

Mine got a little watery when he talked about he and Bill Walshes last conversation on Bill's deathbed.

Oh man, that too =/, If they made this into a movie and that scene came up i would most def
Watched it last night and absolutely loved it. Eddie D was the man I only hope that Jed learned something from him. He deserves to be in the HOF for sure, one thing is for sure I dont think Eddie could be an owner in today's NFL. Guys like him would constantly be in the media headlines.
I realy I did...I was born in 1977 the first game I remember watching was the cinci game. I remember it was a big deal that woods did not do the iky shuffle. My hole fam was at my uncle steves house. It was awsome. Yeah that brought back a lot of memories.thank god I was born into a niner fam.
San Francisco 49ers ‏@49ers #NFL Network's "A Football Life" featured Eddie DeBartolo. Watch part 1: ; & part 2:

San Francisco 49ers ‏@49ers Also check out parts 3 ; and 4 ; of "A Football Life" with Eddie D.
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I have a feeling if Eddie D had stayed as owner he might be seen as a Jerry Jones type. Not sure that type of owner can work with a somewhat level playing field (salary cap).
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