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Which other QB is ASmith a fair comparison to?

I want to go through NFL Game Rewind coaches film and compare ASmith's throws to another comparable QB. I want to see how often other comparable QBs are willing to throw into a tight window versus ASmith seeming to only want to throw to wide open guys. In watching the games this weekend, even rookie QBs were making dart throws into tight windows on quick 3-5 step reads. My perception is that Smith just doesn't do this.

Whether it is coaching telling him not to, or his own propensity, isn't the issue. The issue is:
1. It allows defenses to run soft coverages knowing as long as they are close to their man the ball won't go there, and
2. It means the QB never develops the skill to throw those quick darts when they are needed -- those throws and timing take practice, at live action speeds and situations.

Comparable QB = average arm, similar duration of experience in same system, etc.

Don't want to compare him to Brady, Brees, ARod. Also shouldn't compare him to rookie QBs -- even though RG III and Luck appear to be out performing already.

I was thinking Matt Ryan - but he seems to have moved into elite this year. Maybe Eli? Eli doesn't have a really strong arm, although he has been in the same system for years now.

Sanchez? Flacco - but he has a huge arm. Palmer?

Who do you think is a good comparison?
He's a slow Ponder. Piggybacking on a really good defense. I've tried ot stay optimistic on Alex but just when he starts to look like an asset to the offense he takes a leap back and looks like a liability. I've been a supporter forever and after last season I was really starting to think he belonged in the second tier of qb's like Schaub and Flacco but after how he's played this season so far no chance. I take just about everyone on that list over Alex with the exception of Fitz and Kolb. One more game like the past two and I'll consider Fitz over Alex. Alex's play is depressing. He's borderline serviceable against average defenses and pretty much worthless against the upper tier defenses. If our running game and defense cant win it we're screwed.
I'd say Mark Sanchez is physically the best comparison to Alex.
Ryan Leaf
he looks a lot like aaron rodgers
Mark Sanchez ( in the sense that ain't no defense afraid of Sanchez)
Jason Campbell (probably the best comparison)

Most other QB's in the league have something, in terms of passing ability, that defenses aren't always 100% confident against.

Playing the 49ers is all about making sure Gore is stopped and Vernon gets help. The rest is playing regular man vs man on the WR's. Not because the WR's are not good and can't get open but because Alex doesn't take advantage of man coverage outside the hash-marks.
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No alex Smith comparison thread is complete without bringing up dilfer.
So maybe I'll use Sanchez, Fitz, and Hassleback? Does that seem about right?
Perhaps it would be fair to compare QB's that have a win/loss record of 19 wins in the past 25 games nad see where he compairs, seems fair.

Alex Smith compares to Derek Smith.

Yes, Alex is the Derek of QB's. You think he's good or bad, but he's really not and will be neither.

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If he wins a superbowl, Aikmen.
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