After seeing this game and not really getting what I expected (as far as the score is concerned), I did in fact see that running the ball was the right thing to do. This is against a Seahawks team that has vastly improved esp. on the defensive end. We pounded the ball which killed clock and more importantly, got our D some rest.

Previous games (prior to NYG), we had more of a pass 1st offense and for the most part they were successful to rack up some W's. I knew eventually our offense would be exposed, in the sense that we cannot be a consistent throw throw throw offense. I felt this would come up in a game in which we play against a really good team who ended up being the G-men. I've noticed against really good teams (with great QB's), our responsiveness to their offense scoring isn't very good. i.e. they come out and throw darts, we try to replicate that but we can't. I'm not throwing the dirt on Alex here, but it's just been so evident for so long that we cannot gun the ball every single down.

Now with that being said, we ran the ball (yes, against a team we normally run well against) and were successful in both converting 1st downs and keeping Russell (who was VERY accurate) on the bench. Now I'm wondering if this run 1st offense will do more good for us against teams like the Pats or Saints who have QB's that will challenge Alex, in the sense that they set the tone and have great trust in their receivers. It just seems like we're not able to respond to an Eli with a passing TD of our own so it might be better to slow the game down for our sake (and the checkdowns were lifesavers). The pass 1st offense isn't really our thing for the rest of this season IMO.

I think against really good teams (or all teams, for that matter) we should use Frank ( hopefully he's okay) and Kendall to set up the pass esp. with Alex being in the funk he's in. Lord knows when he'll get better, but I think handing the ball off should mentally calm him so he can get on track.