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Seahawks got TRAPPED

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Every team we beat this year has tasted the Tram/Wham play several times without being able to stop it.
nice f****ng pic dude
nice f****ng pic dude
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Yup. We were double-teaming those guys in the first half. And they got so used to it, than when Seattle's D-linemen saw our linemen getting into the same formation, they expected to get double-teamed. So these guys would go low, hit the ground, while our linemen ran upfield and took out linebackers. Gore had many long runs in the second half. We really had them off-balance.

Gore can read holes like no other. It's a special talent. Not many backs in the NFL have it. Marshawn Lynch does, which is why he cracked the defense for 103 yards rushing. He is that good.

This is exactly why Gore is so valuable. Lots of folks question his decline in athletic ability, but what sustains Gore at an elite level is his patience, vision, anticipation, acceleration, setting up defenders, running off blocks and explosion thru the hole into the second level. His football intelligence at the RB position is unbelievable no matter that his Wonderlic says otherwise
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