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Alex Boone : Seahawks Defense gave up a little bit

Alex Boone: Seahawks defense gave up a little bit Posted by Josh Alper on October 19, 2012, 9:40 AM EDT
AP 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was pleased with how physical his team was on Thursday night against the Seahawks and, according to one of his offensive linemen, that physicality took a toll on the Seahawks defense.

49ers right guard Alex Boone said that he and the rest of the offensive line knew that they had to play "hard running, physical football" and noticed the result of their efforts on the lone touchdown drive of the game. The 49ers went 86 yards in 10 plays, eating up more than six minutes of the clock and Boone thought that drive took something out of the Seahawks' defense.

"We just kind of felt them start to give up a little bit, and they knew that we were just going to keep running the ball on them," Boone said, via Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times. "They're a tough team, very physical team, one of the best run defenses, so we knew we had to bring it."

ok, I am glad we grinded out a win , but these other teams quit comments need to stop , after a horrible outing against the Giants , no comments like these should be made to the media , because anybody could easily say "we quit against the Giants" , so hopefully our guys can stop these comments to the media, they will only come back to bite us in the ass

what do you guys think ?
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Agree. Stop with all this comments. Just totally nonsense.
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I need to stir the flames or motivate them next time we their house..will be tough enough
Another agreement here. Seattle was very much in the game to the very end. I can understand saying the Jets quit or "got tired"...whatever. But this game was close and we don't want anymore comments like this to back to haunt us at the end of the season when we play in their house. We won a tough game, be humble.
if they can only put up that many points against a quitting defense
i hate to see what happens when one plays to the end.

If that defense quit, then I am even more concerned about our offense.

Boone need to shut his pie hole.
Our team gave up against the Giants
here we go again
It's always best to keep your mouth shut.

That statement will be posted in their locker room wall.

All it does is help the enemy - I don't want to help them in any way, manner or form

Boone's playing much, much better than anyone in the Zone anticipated.

Keep playing and keep quiet!

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jesus, every time our players open up thier mouth they get beat, even the great willis should have shut up this week in regards to mat millen jesus
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It seems everytime we win a game it's because the other team gave up. When they don't give up it looks like we lose. Not a good thing cuz nobody will be giving up in the playoffs. This is getting really annoying.
Our players are f**king dumb this year. Harbaugh needs to put a lock on this s**t
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I think everyone here should not worry about it. Boone only said the truth. What he experienced. So what if others say we quit against the Giants. It doesn't change anything.

The only people who care about what players say is the fans. If you think for one second that any quip like that is going to make a difference in a future game your kidding yourselves.

Losing to a team and wanting to even the score is motivation enough. If a team gets that emotional then things could tend to go bad for them. Trying to make plays when they aren't there and giving up turn overs or sacks etc.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Our players are f**king dumb this year. Harbaugh needs to put a lock on this s**t

lol it started last year. Gore said the eagles quit.
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