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What happend to the offense on this team?

We have Randy Moss but he is invisible to AS last night he was running back and fourth in the end zone wide open and no ball and no TD
We played two tough defenses + A. Smith not having the vision/performance he had earlier in the season = QB regressing. We have extra time before the next game, he needs to step it up, more underneath passes if secondary is playing middle/deep part of field and no more INTs, especially when we're in scoring position.
We forgot Frank Gore was the winning Formula. We forgot it in the postseason last year as well.

Those that want a pass happy explosive passing offense aare watching the rong team. Like i said all last week, this is a hit you in the mouth 200 yard passing team. Stick to the formula and we will be successful.
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Once you take away Vernon our pass offense is crap

These last 2 games especially
vs the Giants Vernon had 3 catches for 30 yards. Pass offense was horrible
I dont think he had a catch yesterday. Pass offense was horrible

Im not saying that's the reason our offense sucks right now but I think its a part of it.
Happened in the NFCC game last year too, Vernon had 2 big plays in the 1st half, once they doubled him out our offense looked like crap.

And I hate when we come out passing like we did vs the Vikings and when we get away from the run like we did against the Giants
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Originally posted by dj43:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It seemed we actually started out the year more aggressive. We could both run and pass. We even had a 600 yard game. The first 5 weeks I was thinking we could maybe be a little better. We were converting 3rd downs. We never did that much last year. Now we struggle mightly to get a 1st down. Our passing in paricular has incredible struggles. O Line injuries? Alex's play dropping off? Play calling? Not using Randy Moss enough? Alex's sprained finger? Alex's multiple interception game made him even more gun shy than he already is?

I glad we won. But this offense is absolutely horrendous.... We got to step it up big time if we are to win in the playoffs. Honestly watching grass grow is more fun than watching this offense. I just can't see competing against the big boys in the playoffs this year with what we are currently seeing. On the offensive side that is at least. What are your thoughts?

In answer to your question; the Giants, and now the Seahawks have proven that you can defend the 49er receivers one-on-one with man coverage and physically outmuscle them all over the field. None of the 49er receivers pose a sufficient threat to cause any defensive coordinator to lose sleep. Last night we had essentially the same group of receivers we had last year. With MM unavailable and Randy Moss showing more and more that he is nothing close to his old form, it is "Michael Crabtree against the world" on the outside, which leaves plenty of defenders available to double Vernon Davis.

I don't see this offense changing against quality defenses until a true #1 receiver emerges that has the speed to take the lid off the defense. We were told we were getting that in AJ Jenkins but we haven't seen it yet. Let's hope he develops in a hurry because we desperately need him.

Brotha DJ, just said the same thing in another post. For most of the game, all I kept hearing is how our Wr's were getting jammed by their backs. Even at halftime as the commercial was coming on the announcer was like, The Wr's have to get used to and just know that this is the type of defense that their CB's play, so their gonna have to adjust. I have no problem lookin at the fault of yesterdays, game. I just say lets make sure we arent looking through rose colored glasses, just a hard game against the no 1 defense in the NFL. Or maybe to some, that means nothing. lol
This IMPROVED offense just played 2 tough defenses compared to the teams they played before. I think this offense will improve even more as the season moves forward, just wait and see.
If Alex happens to remain the QB for the next few years our weapons like VD and Crabs I think will start to want out
Wow, I guess I was the only one who saw last night as more encouraging than discouraging. Despite the fact that the # 2 rushing defense in the league knew that our passing game was struggling, they still could not even slow down our run game despite KNOWING what was coming. Alex has thrown too many picks the last 2 games, and this definitely needs to change. But it will. Alex has made 4 bad decisions in the last 2 games against 2 very good pass defenses. That is not an uncommonly high bad decision rate for any QB other than him - it just looks bad when the other team catches every one of them. How quickly do we forget when a QB throws what should be a pick 6 but the defender drops the ball? Answer - immediately, because while it's potentially just as bad, it doesn't hurt your team anymore than any other incomplete pass. Might not be fair, but it's reality.

Yes, his accuracy has also been far worse the last couple of games - but he still has completed 60% of his passes vs the Giants and Hawks. This is too small a sample size to say that he is regressing. Many are saying that defenses have figured out that our pass game is all about throwing it short. It would certainly be strange if that happened right after the Bills game when we threw downfield more than any game in the last several years. There is just a limited # of times that any team is going to throw passes 20 + yards down the field. You are going to have games like Buffalo where every deep pass connects, and you are going to have games like the last couple of weeks where you only connect on one (the Moss bomb in the NYG game). Is there inconsistency? Yes. Is the whole league this way? Yes! The almighty NE offense only scored 18 points vs AZ - in NE. Then produced to pound Buffalo the next week. We did the same thing, just in reverse order. The NFL is fickle, and one or two plays can make a huge difference. If Alex connects on one of the 2 long misses to Kyle last night, he throws for 190 yards 2 TDs and 1 pick against a top defense on a short week. That would be worthy of a nice pat on the back. If he happens to see Randy a little earlier than he did, he throws for 150 yards, 2 TDs and no picks. One play here or there makes a huge difference. Luckily for us he is not as mentally weak as many on this board and kept fighting, completing 7-8 in the second half and helping his team win a game against a good division opponent. Isn't that all that really matters?

I am a little concerned that Alex's confidence may be rattled a little bit. But one thing you have to say for the kid is that he is mentally tough, and will work very hard to snap out of the slump he is in (again albeit against some very good defenses). And stat wise he will never be a great QB. But we can and will win a lot of games in the regular season and playoffs with him. Because he rarely turns it over and manages the game very well consistently.

The last thing I am going to say is that for however bad he's throwing the ball the last 2 weeks, he has been very good all year at getting us into run plays that are successful audibling at the LOS. Yes, we have a great run-blocking o-line and Gore/Hunter, but Alex is able to check his ego and recognize pre-snap looks that are prone to be gashed in the run game. So for all of you who are so worried that we have been "figured out" - who has stopped our running game so far this year? The Giants didn't - we ran for 4.7 yards per carry in the first half then didn't run again the rest of the game. The Vikings didn't - again we just felt the need to throw the ball a bunch that game. Yes, we do struggle when we pass too much. But I have a simple solution for that - run a lot. Until we don't win a game because the run game is shut down, keeping running the majority of the time. With our backs, o-line and defense we can win it all with Alex at QB, and that is all I care about. And it really should be all any of the rest of you care about too.
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I'm more worried about Vernon Davis, he's been practically invisible since the Vikings game.
Back to back great defenses is all.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:

Alex's play dropping off?

How do you explain it though? He was the best we have seen in 2011. You could actually argue in 2012 he was even better still at least in some portions of the early season. He had some good games. I mean lately he reminds me of his rookie year sometimes....
Rod Woodson said on 95.7 the Game " It looked like Alex pre-determined where is was going to throw. He should be mature enough to progress back to his first option(Randy Moss) "

In conclusion i don't think the 49ers will make it to the Super bowl with Alex Smith. Hope i am wrong.
According to the Hawks game, it's reverting back to the fundamentals of what our offense should be like.
I don't get it. I thought we have the weapons in place to have a good offense this year but somehow we are still at the bottom. I remember Moss is always part of some great offenses over the years...
2 extremely tough defenses within 5 days of eachother+an injured QB.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
I'm more worried about Vernon Davis, he's been practically invisible since the Vikings game.

I don't worry about him at all. We don't even throw him the ball. It's our playcalling and QB. If he doesn't get the ball thrown his way he can't make a play.
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