In looking at the schedule, I'm very pleased with how things are looking for us.
  • Our next game is not for another 11 days against the Cardinals on Monday night.
  • NORMALLY, we'd have a short week after a Monday night game, but we go straight into a bye.
  • After the Bye, we have a Sunday night game against the Rams.
  • An extra day of rest preparing for the Bears on Monday night.
  • And after all that is the hard stretch of the end of the season, where we play 4 of 6 games on the road.

I think some of the extra rest during these next 4 weeks is good for us. I have the sense that our team has been wound up really tightly and have experienced so many emotional highs and lows. Last year, it didn't seem as bad because we were just cruising along, staying under the radar and racking up wins. We started this season off strong against two big-name teams, came out flat against the Vikings, had two HUGE games against the Jets and Bills, were humiliated last week, and then finally had a short week against a physical Seahawks team that might make the playoffs this year.

I can just feel like our team isn't as sharp as they normally are. Alex throwing questionable interceptions... The defense allowing back-to-back 100 yard rushers at home. Receivers getting shut-down. Vernon Davis having minimal catches.

The little bits of rest we'll get in the next month or so will be good. Let's them kind of catch their breath. That last part of the schedule will be tough.