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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
back off guys, that's my son.

So wait... Who has the vagina? You or shaj?

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if the mods on your board were as tough as your team i might respect hawk fans.

got banned for speaking the truth on a niner hate thread lol.
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Originally posted by MrTruth:
Originally posted by Shaz:
Great game, was a defensive struggle and hard fought game, The Niners executed better and made the plays when it counted, congrats. Here's to a hard fought and great game in December in Seattle

No excuses, you were the better team today.

Face it, Harb has Carroll's number. He loves beating Carroll and shoving it in his face

Yea, that is how I looked at this game. Two similar teams, two similar coaching styles. It was a battle of wills between Harbaugh and Carrol. Go 9ers!
Congratulating the other team in their forum shows good sportsmanship, props to you for that. In this game, both QBs were a weakness and both RBs were the strengths. It came down to defense and the Niners showed up more in the second half. I have a feeling it'll be an even tougher game when we play in Seattle. It'll probably be more of the same, less passing, more running and defense keeping it close for both teams. The NFC West is much improved this year, surprisingly.
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