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Let's go, Gian..., er Ninerants...?

The better question is who has a better shot of winning (tonight)?
Baseball was my pride and joy in my younger years (6-15 years old) when the strike happened, it killed it for me I was so upset, I didn't even start watching again until 2001. And then McGwire and Sosa happened, I didn't think I could ever get into baseball again, then the SF Giants won their first World Series since the 50's. So I got into baseball again because to me there was new hope, maybe to forget about the strike and steroids, before you know it Melky happened.

Now I'm done Baseball is a joke now imo, I feel like the little kid whose father keeps promising he will come visit and take him to the park, gets ready and all excited and boom he never shows up. That's baseball they make promises to keep the game clean, make all these promises to not let the fans down and then they disappoint everyone.

To me there is no sport like football, yea its not perfect, but it has become that national pass time that baseball once was, so when football is on no other sports even exists in my world.
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I'll be at the 49er game, but listening to the NLCS on my pocket radio. WIN-WIN
Go Tigers and Niners!
For a second, I thought you were rooting a different Giants team.

Things were going to get reaaaally ugly around here

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When football is other sports exist !

dam straight

Agreed. And when football isn't on, other sports still don't exist.
I would probably watch high school football over any baseball game
This will be tough man... Niners are first option always though. The remote battery will be puttin in some work today.

I'm starting to get excited. Two BIG games tonight!
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They should package baseball as a new sleeping pill.


When I wonna take nap I put on a baseball game or golf. no joke

lol, same.
I watch golf over baseball 10 times outta 10.......Hell, I'd watch reruns of family feud before i watch baseball,
Baseball is only fun if you're at the game, drunk, and its the playoffs. Baseball blows.

Niners 1st.. everything else 2nd..
I can care less if the giants win or loose. f**k baseball ! Let's go niners we need this w
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Giants and Niners go hand in hand!! Whether its black and orange or red and gold that SF stands for San Francisco and if you ain't down with both take off that Niner gear because your disgracing the logo! Go Niners go Giants!! Got 2 TVs setup in the living room.
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Naw homie u can't be forced to be a gaints fan if u dnt like baseball. f**k baseball
Lol @ baseball sucks you guys sound like a bunch of women
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