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Who else feels like this is a "must win game?"

Been saying that since Sunday afternoon.
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Every home game is a Must just is!

WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!!!!! (in my best underarmor voice)
Not only is this a big game in terms of a division game but when we win on Thursday night we'll have a chance to have a game on both Seattle, Zona and the Rams. Both the RAMS and Cardinals have tuff games versus the Packers and the Vikings! GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Even the pre-season games are must wins
If we lose this game, the season's over.
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we are going to lose the next three

Shut the Front Door, All the Time.

It is an important game because the Niners can't afford to lose to a division opponent or another NFC contender. I think the Niners handle the Seahawks because they aren't the same team on the road and the Niners have played much better after a loss with Harbaugh at the helm.

idk , Broc

Look at seattle's wins...

.......and your point is? They have only won one game on the road against a piss poor Carolina squad. They have one gift win at home over the Packers care of the replacement refs. What makes you so sure that the Niners are going to lose this game, much less the next two against a reeling Cards team and the Rams after the bye week?

They only lost to Division opponents on the road by a total of 10 points...could be every game they played..they weren't beaten badly. Their Defense has made other teams average or below.

What do say now? Seahawks are 0-3 in the division, no matter how many points they have lost by. Cards continue to give up sacks and their top two RB's are still out. Rams play decent at home, but the Niners will play them at home. Lose all 3, my ass.
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Well looking at the way the standings played out it's a damn good thing we won. It remains very important that we clean sweep the west on our first run through it. Glad we have extra time to get ready for Arizona and then the break before St. Louis. This may be the most physical stretch of football we have to play all year.
Yessir, division games are always must wins!!
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