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The last time we lost on my Birthday...

1996 Packers.
They also got us in the playoffs.
My Yankees lost 'early this morning' and tonight...
My Niners got killed today.
Hope the Gmen don't get us again in the playoffs, maybe we got that second loss outta the way already.
Worst game I've seen in years.
Someone pass me a drink. Pour 'em up!!!!

Perhaps we go 16 years without losing on my birthday again...anyone know how many games that'll be?
Happy Birthday
Bummer. I would have piss my pants drunk if the 49ers lost on my bday.
I'm sure your not the only fan who's birthday is today. Nor does it matter when we last lost on your day of birth.
lol, dude you're drunk. go to bed.
Hopefully our guys can make it up to you Thursday, but happy B-DAY anyway.
I vote we cancel your birthday before it rolls around on gameday again

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f**k the Yankees
The Yankees got screwed big time by the way MLB did the ALCS schedule. There should have at least been one day between Game 5 of the ALDS and Game 1 of the ALCS.

Happy Birthday.

Don Beebe was down.
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