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Greg Roman, is he really good?

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Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by NCommand:
People forget too that HaRoMan called a run play IN the EZ from the Q formation. Gore had to run about 5-6 yards JUST to get out of the EZ for a 1/2 yard gain and NO safety. This is the kind of moronic play-calling that loses you games.
kind of reminds you about a fake toss to ginn near our own end zone its a pattern and i feel bad for people who are either unable or unwilling to see this from roman,,,, again with no pushback from JH. Jh is just as bad in this regard in my opinion, he lets this s**t happen

Seriously. The freaking Panthers have 4 guys with over 350+ yards receiving already and one of them is Ted Ginn. Cam couldn't complete a pass to save his life...he was airing balls 10 feet over receivers heads all game but somehow, their coaches find ways to use all of their personnel AND get production/wins. Now, our coaches?
seattle found ways to win games when they were not at their best. i will just let our "effort" ,"coaching" and results from sunday speak for themselves in that regard . I can trace back our outcoaching this year to right before the seattle game,, JH spent all week whining about clay mathews from the week before when he should have been looking at seattle. I am not sure if our coaches are just arrogant to think we can just show up and win a game or if they just are plain not that good this year against good teams and fellow coaches
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Yes, Kaepernick has shown a lot of good passes and accuracy, but you can't sit there and tell me he hasn't regressed as a QB. His touch on his passes, his pre-snap reads, decision making less than stellar. I agree, play calling was horrible, but you gotta also take into consideration that Kaepernick changes plays at the LOS too, that's why I also don't put all the blame on Roman for his play calling.

But whatever I'm getting over it, all will be forgotten if he wins this Sunday I promise.

I am in total agreement. Does anyone remember the Kaep that played that first game against the Bears? He was dropping balls perfectly from every type of pass available. He was mobile, he looked confident. There is some difficulty in accepting the slight regression, but I do not think it is a talent thing, actually I think it is more of a mental thing. When the game is tight, CK seems to get a little "nervous" (at least IMHO) and doesn't look anything like the QB we know he is capable of being. It has to affect the play execution or pre-snap reads in some manner. I think he is going to get into a much better flow as players return and that we will start to see the loose version of Kaep as we near the post season.
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
Gurantee once LMJ leaves the team he will break out, I'm just at lost of words how the f**k we haven't used him in a sproles type of way and Reggie bush way when he was in NO. Use him in the screen game and put him in a position to go against lbs. Sometimes I swear this coaching staff is dumb, and I thought Nolan and singletary were stubborn but harbaugh and roman are right up there. What the hell was the point of taking James with a 2nd round pick? Just because he owned harbaugh when he was at Stanford? For f**ks sake put those players in a position to succeed, hate the fact we have a tall ass wr in Baldwin and we do use him in the redzone or even McDonald who gets 1 pass thrown to him per game if lucky. Boldin in week one killed the packers with quick routes and run after the catch and now we have him running routes as if he's desean Jackson. Roman disgusts me and harbaugh shouldn't get a pass for letting roman call bs like that.
JH=roman enabler

Either JH is enabling Roman, giving him too much power with his moronic, asinine play calling OR it's very possible JH is just as clueless. Can't understand for the life of me why he, as a head coach, continues to allow Roman to vomit all over the game plan and become reckless with his play calling. He's just as bad and needs to be held accountable as well.
now we'll see if it was kyle williams or greg roman once kyle williams gets picked up
Originally posted by jonesadrian:
now we'll see if it was kyle williams or greg roman once kyle williams gets picked up

I think Roman used the lack of recievers as a scape goat for the play calling or lack thereof this season. If teams like NE, NO, GB, and DEN can do it why cant we do it? Yes they have elite quarterbacks however they play to the strength of their personel. Seattle does it with Wilson up until last week his stats were very similar to Kaeps and lets face it Golden Tate and Sydney Rice arent in the upper echelon of WRs but they make it work they find ways to win. I swear this guy Roman runs a pre scripted offense with no creativity or adjustments. So no it wont surprise me if KW goes somewhere else and produces the same with LMJ if they wait to utilize him and let him walk. SMH Harbaugh has to be held accountable for this and he must make the proper adjustments.
If Roman isn't that good I don't know I keep hearing that he could land a HC job in the near future.
Roman just doesn't seem as innovative as he was in 2011. I feel like the whole coaching staff isn't trying as hard, hoping the quality players we have can win it for them.
Originally posted by 951NINER:
If Roman isn't that good I don't know I keep hearing that he could land a HC job in the near future.

that's 2 years now and nobody has signed him for a reason eh?
seeing Bruce Miller lined up as WR
Originally posted by susweel:
seeing Bruce Miller lined up as WR

The botton line is, if Jim doesn't do a John (have the balls to fire his OC during a critical stage of the season), we may not even make the playoffs. And I'm not joking.

As to WHO Baalke should hire, I can assure you, he's got his list and he's checking it twice. When a GM puts THAT much talent on a team and during a time that should be OUR time, I don't think he is going to mess around anymore here...the pattern is vitally clear.
Thanks, NC, I have said likewise in other threads. Hey, JH can fire his Qb who played great last yr in midseason, he can fire his OC who is calling crap for plays midseason this yr. Meantime, he can call his own dam plays. The really sad part about all this is , If roman were to just leave much of this would just be fixed by nature. Roman is killing this team....worse, Jh is covering for him. Bad move, Coach. We got the talent. We have a really substandard OC who is NOT getting the job done, for a team, with talent galore which should be going to SB. With roman, it just won't happen.
run game is fine....who the hell is in charge of the passing attack and its overall incorporation/development into the O as a whole.

damn bear players turned coaches are some stubborn m*f*s
that's it jim needs to just take the s**t over.
forget feelings.
just take it from him. we haven't gotten better since he's been here. 2011 we could run but not pass imaginatively and had trouble punching it in the red zone when it matters
2013 what are our problems?
Now that they released Williams and have shown some confidence in LMJ, I hope to God he breaks off some highlight reel punts to show them that he needs to be incorporated to the offense, and used in space.
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