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Greg Roman, is he really good?

No more mediocre play calling
I bit, hook, line & sinker :D
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
No more mediocre play calling

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
They did a good job on this one...but the clues were there...not only the written by Rashaun Woods, but other giveaways included Roman throwing the reporters mic in the bushes, then
laughing about it (not something he'd likely do), that ST asst coach Tracy SMith would be his likely successor (when it's been stated that Geep Chryst would be the favorite). Also, all the "in case you missed it" features are bogus. Still, if you didn't look closely, you could've easily been April fooled. Good job.

Well done i checked this page just to see what april fools joke they'd have. I was gotten good wit andre johnson one!!! I was embarassly gotten! Lmao i know makes sence but doesn't lol!!!!! Andre for a 3rd argueably top wr in game at the time lmao for a 3rd lmao
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double post.
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Oh yes.... The zone is at it again.... I likey
Wow, this one kinda hurt. If this were a real story, I'd be one very HAPPY 49er fan. However, I knew immediately it was false because like all things too good...... that would be most definitely be too good to be true.

I thought the 4/1 joke would have to do with Champ or Sherman holding out. Something that would get me for a couple of seconds.
Well that escalated quickly! LOL
Originally posted by NinerGM:
Well that escalated quickly! LOL

ROFL!!! You guys have outdid yourselves this year with the fake posts!!!

Bravo WZ, bravo.
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Yes! Yes! Yes!
Originally posted by niners94:

f**k it lol
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Silly. This one wasn't even the best, IMO. The posting backwards one was my favorite.
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Finally he is gone