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The 49ers Get a Pep Talk from a Fan

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That is great, haha Harbaugh "It's ok, I think we're good"

I want that guys jacket
Instant classic.
I wanna hug pat.
Harbaugh is hilarious without even trying to be.
That was Awesome !!!
We got a Visa commercial? Who is this team?
haha that look of pain and anguish harbaugh has on his face when he walks in the locker room is pretty much what he looks like for 3hrs straight on game day.
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Lol! "I think we're good"
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Very Good!!!
I thought Harbaugh was going to slap that dude when he asked what was going on. Its good to see the lighter side of the team.
That was awesome, almost better than:

That...was awesome.
Joe Staley @ 8 seconds LMAO
...He would be the only one struggling to keep a straight face.