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The Bill Walsh theory...21 and 28

I watch the niner post game show comcast after the game and Dwight Clark is on there always talking about the Bill Walsh theory. The theory is if you get 21 first downs and 28 points you should always win the game.

This season

vs GB 22 first downs 30 points = win
vs Det 24 first downs 27 points = win
vs Min 19 first downs 13 points = loss
vs Jets 26 first downs 34 points = win
vs Buf 29 first downs 45 points = win
vs Giants 14 first downs 3 points = loss

I just find this stat interesting and plan to see if it holds true the entire season.
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Hah I wonder if Stats Inc keeps a Bill Walsh theory stat for each team/season
I'm sure if a team scores 28+ points, they'll win the majority of their games...
With our D and 28 points - we win for sure!
Originally posted by pdizo916:
I'm sure if a team scores 28+ points, they'll win the majority of their games...

not if their defense sucks, ala the packers
Cool little star.

Btw before the '81 NFC Champ game, Walsh predicted it would take four touchdowns to win it.

He was exactly right.
Well I hope we get 21 first downs and 28 points today and see if the theory holds up.
Bill Walsh is a football God as far as I'm concerned. I'd be willing to bet a large sum of money that if someone went back 30 years and compiled data this would hold true 90% of the time of more
When Gore get a 100 yards we win games, every effort should be made to see it happen.

Coaching fail

Definetely didn't do it today. Get ready for Thursday night!
stat is holding true so far.
Because of the 28 points part, it would be best to focus on every game where we scored 28 points over the last few years to see if we had the 21 first downs or not and if we won/lost.

Shouldn't be too hard pre-2012.
Bill Walsh was the 'Stephen Hawking' of modern football science, without his philosophy/theory we'd be nowhere in the NFL today.
My Favorite quote by Bill Walsh :

"When we take that damn field , it's not our brotherhood thats going to win it for us , were a machine and we knock people on their asses"

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