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The Michael Crabtree Thread

Was it really that important to make a whole thread about this?
IMO crabs is a guy who wants it real bad, saw a chance for a big play and they didnt connect so he lost it for a second. he was wrong for it and got a penalty. i love having guys like that on the team, just cant cross the line and take a dumb penalty.
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Kawakami thread!
Wide receivers!
He was just frustrated that he had an easy TD if that was a completion. I also believe it was Goldson that Crabtree beat and if it was, that is what also lead to the frustration as any competitor knows, if you have a chance to beat someone you are close with or in Crabtree's case, played with for a few years, you want nothing more than to see to it that it happens. That was a great opportunity to get the best of his former teammate who was an All-Pro last year and one who many players still keep in contact with.
thank you for your insight. I'm glad we have someone that can mentally interpret just what he was saying without actually having spoke to him
good show chap
Originally posted by VABeach49er:
Does anyone have a link or gif of that play?

It's really DUMB of Crabtree to do that. He's really lucky that he came back and converted on the third down. Tampa Bay had been on a roll offensively and who knows what happens. Crabtree can yell at Kaep on the sidelines after the play. Did you see Frank Gore approach him and say "dude WTF?" and that crabs rolled his eyes and was acting like a bratty kid.

It's good to have a fired up receiver but that kind of stuff bites you in the ass. It's the same thing Vernon used to do and get stupid penalties all the time. (Vernon still does get stupid penalties from time to time, he got two in the NY Giants Championship game.)
I thought he was throwing the ball back to the LOS, just doing the refs a favor

Originally posted by Since07:

Sorry I watched the game but can't find anywhere to rewatch the play were crabs got pissed.
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Then it doinked some Buc right in the back.

Ya I finally found the whole play. Shows the ball bouce of the Tampa bay dudes. Good stuff.
Crabtree play
he was just throwing it back to the ref
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