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The Michael Crabtree Thread

Originally posted by sfout:
"beating coverage" is a relative term, did you see Kevin Walters TD today? He was maybe half a step in front of his man and Schaub still trust himself and Walter to make a play, put it on the money and beat the CBs hand by inches.

Did Walter "beat" his coverage? Hardly, the QB just trusted himself and his receiver's skill over that of the corner. This is something Alex doesn't do a whole lot, or at all on some days.

By the way this is coming from a staunch AS supporter.

this. it is the best explanation i think.

and i wish he would trust his receivers more but with the history of them i don't blame him.
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Crabtree's stats against the cards secondary / mostly Peterson

19 receptions
27 targets
255 yards
2 TD

by the way Crabtree caught all 5 balls thrown his way tonight and......Crabtree > Peterson also Punt Team > Peterson too lol.

and.....according to MM 4 of his catches were 3rd down conversions!
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Lol at Crabtree postgame with the Lenny Kravitz look.
Freaking great game by Crabtree.... Both touchdowns were awesome
Originally posted by TexasGuero49:
Freaking great game by Crabtree.... Both touchdowns were awesome

Great game by Crabs tonight. Probably his best game as a pro.
He abuses Peterson
Wasnt Peterson jawing during the week?
Crabs played with passion tonight. Lover the ankle breaker on PP.
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This was the best I think Crab has played... effort all night, the first TD was a play that I didn't expect to see out of Alex or Crabtree any time soon. I think these two guys spent some quality time together and maybe... just maybe got on the same page mentally. By that I mean I think there have been times when Crabtree may have made less than his best effort on a Smith pass cuz he's thinking... here we go another crappy Alex Smith pass, and in turn Smith has become less likely to throw to a covered Crabtree.

Tree wants the ball and Smith wants a guy to fight for it for him... I'd like to see this keep developing!

crabs fkn PWNED peterson all night!
The first TD to Crabtree was fantastic. Even if he didn't catch it, I've wanted Alex to give his wr's a chance to make a play. That pass was low risk, one on one coverage. With how fast he threw the ball, Peterson didn't have time to turn his head. There was also a good chance it could have drawn a PI. I hope Alex keeps trusting his wr's to make plays like that. I think Moss could do the same thing. That TD looked like a good QB/WR combo, instead of the normal we only throw the ball if the wr is 5 yards open. I hope we keep doing alot more of this down in the redzone.
Peterson needs to move to FS
Fantastic game by Crabtree. That first TD was a beautiful catch.

cant touch this
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