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Have you ever seen other teams use their 46 active players so fully?

I can only say I've watched football since the 90s, but I don't think I've ever seen a coaching staff use so many of it's players in so many roles.

- The backup quarterback running Wildcat, Pistol, and option plays as a passer, runner, and receiver.
- Backup runningbacks and receivers regularly being rotated in and out.
- Tight ends lining up as fullbacks and receivers.
- Defensive linemen playing as fullbacks. 6th and 7th offensive linemen playing as tight ends.
- Star linebackers sitting out in favor of a 5th or 6th defensive back.

It's pretty incredible that the coaches get EVERYONE involved. I kind of thing the idea is good for getting "everyone involved" and keeps everyone happy/motivated. It's also really good because it gets those back-ups some valuable playing time. On other teams, players such as Daniel Kilgore probably wouldn't see the field unless it was a blowout or there was an injury. But by having him as a 6th or 7th linemen, he gets some live game experience for that one day when he may have to start.

Yep, and like I said a few days ago we might be the most creative/unique offense in the nfl. We can run it all... under center, shotgun, spread, option, pistol, 2 qb system, etc

Not to mention the amount of formations we use and the personal changes. Jumbo, i formation, any 2 back sets yet?, we line RBs at WR, we line Kaepernick at WR, we bring in extra tackles, we can throw out of jumbo, unbalanced lines, rotating wrs in and out, like you said DL at FB, etc..
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I agree that the idea of developing all the players is great. Even those people who are on the practice squad feel that they are a part of the team by playing well on the scout team. All players feel invested in the team and get developmental time. It allows the coaches to see the players and get rid of any complainers and keep a very solid, bonded team. Good job Harbaalke.
I really don't think anybody here can name every player on another team......homers.
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